How Precast Concrete Is Made

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blank concrete space interior to illustrate How Precast Concrete Is Made

If you’re wondering how precast concrete is made, then Columbia Precast Products is the perfect source for this information. The production process has many advantages over poured-in-place concrete. We’ll touch on this in a moment.

Precast concrete is a construction product mainstay because of its strength, durability, precision, ease of installation, and production efficiency. It’s also endlessly customizable for production projects of all types.

How We Make Precast Concrete

We start by preparing the forms (or molds) into which the concrete mix will be poured. Then, after the concrete is poured, we cure the concrete on-site in our tightly monitored and highly controlled environment.

We can then ship the concrete products to the construction site where they are installed. This differs from standard concrete which is typically poured into forms on-site.

Best of all, once the concrete has been manufactured it is in our inventory ready for use. This allows for super-fast turnaround times and the ability to keep up with increasing demand. As the economy expands, so does the demand for precast construction materials.

That’s why standardized products, mix designs, curing processes, and reliable production have become hallmarks of the precast revolution. And it’s why concrete remains the world’s No. 1 building concrete. One simply doesn’t mess around with perfection.

Columbia Precast Products

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Columbia Precast Products today. We’re here to serve you, and to deliver our high-quality precast concrete on-time so that you can get to work, too.

Our precast structures, prestressed concrete, precast components, and other items are fire resistant and sound. They’ll last a lifetime. Finally, our precast concrete structures are made fast with steel reinforcement from raw materials right here at our batch plants.

Have any questions about how precast concrete is made or the concrete process in general? Any questions about our line of products, including catch basins, retaining walls, reinforced concrete, vault structures, and more? Our precast factory environments are ready for business.