Four Tips For Painting Precast Concrete Panels

By January 13, 2022 No Comments
Half painted precast concrete panels

Precast concrete is commonly used in different kinds of construction, including small residential repairs, to large commercial projects. The plain, gray-colored concrete can look boring and might not suit every project’s unique style. The good news: you can paint over it with virtually any color, pattern, or design. Here are some tips on how to do that.

#1: Pick the right paint.

Not all paints are created equal when it comes to precast concrete usage. Picking a paint that is resistant to moisture and that can withstand sun exposure is the most important step. Look for paints that are designed only for the outdoors or use oil-based paint. If you are using the paint for precast wall installation inside a building, use interior acrylic paint.

#2: Clean the concrete and make sure it’s repaired.

Once you have picked the right paint, make sure the concrete is clean. It should also be repaired and free of holes. Paint won’t cover over rough concrete or holes – it will magnify those areas even more. So, hose down the exterior concrete well, ensuring it is free of dirt, debris, and dust.

If you are painting an interior wall, simply wash it well with water and soap. If there are any holes, patch them.

#3: Seal the wall.

Not sure if the wall is already sealed? Cover it with plastic sheeting as tight as you can for at least 24 hours. If there is moisture, then the precast wall is not sealed, and you will need to do this by applying a concrete sealer, then letting it dry overnight. If it is moisture-free, you can start priming the wall.

#4: Start painting.

Once the primer is applied evenly, get your paint ready and start applying it with a brush or paint roller. You can apply several layers of paint until you get the color that you want. Make sure you let it dry for a full 24 hours before you put two coats of concrete paint sealer on it. This sealer bolsters the paint’s durability, helping keep it vibrant and as long-lasting as possible.

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