Precast Concrete Projects: Benefits and Durability

By November 5, 2020 No Comments
precast concrete grease interceptor also known as grease trap to illustrate precast concrete products

There are a lot of benefits to using precast concrete on construction projects — both above and below ground.

Massive government infrastructure projects use it. Developers choose it to build homes at massive scale and to wind sidewalks through newly laid streets. Parks and rec budgets include it because it’s inexpensive, readily available, and makes for the perfect stormwater removal system.

The Versatility of Precast Concrete Products

Precast concrete projects are all around us everywhere. Whether it’s low-rise or high-rise, precast concrete panels or manholes, baffles, traffic barriers, infrastructural or architectural, precast products are the forms of the future.

Modern construction features a complex web of interrelated processes taking place simultaneously. They require experts to plan and execute the visions of engineers, architects, and project managers.

So perhaps it’s at least a little ironic that these modern and technologically robust operations turn to one of the oldest materials on the planet to get the job done right. And to make that job last a lifetime — and then some.

Humans have been building structures with concrete for thousands of years. Concrete has advantages that add up quickly, making it easier for precast concrete projects to be completed on time and on budget.

Columbia Precast Products partners with builders and contractors throughout the region. We deliver a quality product each and every time. Our concrete is manufactured under rigorous — and SMaRT Certified — standards in our tightly controlled and rigorously monitored factory.

We are experts in precast concrete projects. That — along with our designation as the first precast plant in the buried infrastructure industry to earn our SMaRT bonafides (Platinum level, no less) — positions us as a leader in precast concrete production.

Sustainable Production

Our expertise and our achievements as a Platinum SMaRT producer mean we can deliver:

  • Concrete pipe and other precast products comprised of natural and raw materials
  • Products that are free of volatile organic compound
  • Products with the longest life cycle of precast forms designed for drainage systems (sewer, stormwater, utility, and more)
  • Concrete products that are chemically inert and environmentally friendly

Columbia Precast Products and engineered, designed, and produced with the environment, the economy, and our community in mind. We source locally, if at all possible. This helps us contribute to the growth of our region while maintaining our commitment to green production practices. These include the use of natural products, such as stone and sand, recycled steel, and repurposed byproducts like fly ash from power plants.

Our concrete forms are infinitely customizable and reusable. Partnering with CPP means your precast concrete project will meet or exceed the highest standards of the modern industrial world.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help bring your project to life. As your go-to precast concrete manufacturer, your project becomes our project. Partner with us!