Precast Concrete Structural Elements: Shaping the Future

Office buildings to illustrate Precast Concrete Structural Elements Shaping the Future

Precast concrete structural elements typically refer to components of a construction project such as foundations, walls, and support beams. However, there are precast concrete structural elements that go a little deeper; for example, the buried infrastructure conceived, designed, and produced at Columbia Precast Products in Washington state.

Builders and developers understand and know all about the benefits of precast concrete. But those just beginning to learn about precast concrete may not know just how versatile a material that concrete can be.

Consider just a few of the high-quality precast concrete products that we produce on the regular at Columbia Precast.

  • Precast manholes
  • Vaultes (utility, water, electrical)
  • Sewer pipes
  • Traffic barriers
  • Catch basins
  • Boat ramps
  • Drainage inlets
  • Utility trenches
  • Parking curbs
  • Grease traps and interceptors
  • Railroad crossings
  • Box culverts
  • Three-sided bridges
  • Precast footings
  • Pedestrian bridges

With such a wide variety of concrete products — and such strength and durability in the precast concrete itself — it’s no wonder that concrete is such a wonder! It’s also no surprise that there are all types of precast concrete structural elements in use around the country and the world.

Building Boom

The precast concrete industry is booming — due in great part to this variety and in the inherent strength, durability, and reliability of the products themselves.

But it’s also booming for another important reason that is near and dear to our hearts here in Woodland, Washington.

The reason is that precast concrete is green. At least insofar as it’s produced at Columbia Precast Concrete. In fact, we were the first precast plant in the buried infrastructure industry to earn SMaRT certification (Platinum level).

Our precast concrete products are composed of natural, raw materials, and our finished products are free of volatile organic compounds.

Not only do our products last for ages, but they’re also produced with minimal impact on our shared environment.

Precast concrete construction site projects include industrial buildings with shear walls rising from precast concrete columns to precast concrete elements in the buried infrastructure beneath those walls. Buildings contain sandwich wall panels (interior walls with sound insulation) made with all types of concrete. They also contain hollow core slabs used often as flooring in apartment buildings.

So it’s easy to see eco-friendly, reproducible, and customizable forms in precast concrete structural elements. These structural members are all around you in precast concrete building systems and in the buried infrastructure that keeps both water and traffic moving.

We salute our colleagues who continue to produce these forms just as we continue to produce ours. And we look forward to working together for a brighter, greener future for everyone.