Precast concrete grease interceptors stores and separates oils, fats, and grease from water, keeping your pipes running smoothly, and are almost always required for certain projects by state guidelines. Beyond being required, a reliable grease interceptor is essential to a well-functioning wastewater disposal system, and can prevent costly backups from happening.

Columbia Precast Products’ 1000 Gallon Grease Trap Interceptors can be designed to meet your facilities’ unique needs, while our engineers ensure that your grease trap complies with state and municipal codes.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Grease Interceptors

Concrete grease traps are incredibly durable. Once installed, our precast concrete grease interceptor will last up to fifty years. Columbia Precast Products’ grease interceptors are easy to install and are guaranteed to be watertight, which may seem like an integral function of a grease trap, but is not always a given with traps made from other materials. If you’re installing a new grease trap interceptor to an existing restaurant or a new project, time is important and our precast interceptor can be installed quickly and efficiently

Why Columbia Precast Products’ 1000 Gallon Grease Trap Interceptor?

Columbia Precast Products 1000 Gallon Grease Interceptor comes in a standard designs, but can also be engineered to your specific needs, making allowances for your particular project. Our grease trap interceptor is watertight and can be vacuum tested after installation.

Precast concrete is durable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Columbia Precast Products is SMaRT certified, so if your project is using state or federal grants that have environmental standards, our 1000 Gallon Grease Trap will meet those standards.

Precast Products in the Pacific Northwest

If you have questions about grease trap interceptors, our past work, or what we can do for your next project, contact Columbia Precast Products at 360-335-8400 or get an estimate here.

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