Used primarily as a stream crossing, a single 3-sided bridge can be built big enough to handle heavy vehicle traffic from above without harming the ecosystems below. A single 3-sided bridge can be 10-feet wide and span from 8-feet to 32-feet long. For larger applications, multiple three-sided bridges can be used together.

Wing walls and headwalls can be added for more stability as needed along either end of the 3-sided bridge or box culvert. When multiple bridges are used in concert, butyl adhesive tape must be used along all joints and staggered footing is required when multiple short-span bridges are used. Follow this link to download a pdf of 3-Sided Bridge Catalog.

Precast Concrete Benefits

Being mindful of the surrounding environment is very important when working along streams or smaller river beds. Columbia Precast products are mixed, made, and strength tested well before they’re needed in the field. When precast footings and 3-sided culverts are ready for installation at the job site, they can be delivered, placed, and backfilled the same day.

When working with pour in place concrete, forms need to be constructed, reinforcing material needs to be placed, and the cement needs to be poured. After days of strengthening, crews need to come out again and remove the forms. Extra care is needed to make sure the concrete isn’t affected by the rising water flow levels during construction as well.

Ease of Installation
Precast concrete is easy to work with. When in place, they are ready for work. With flexible products such as steel or plastic pipe, specific steps need to be taken to ensure viability and achieve the required loading capacity. Because flexible materials require the structure to be built during installation, great care must be taken to ensure the product is installed correctly to avoid the deformation of the flexible material.

Without proper protection, the ends of plastic or steel culverts can break down, putting the edges of the crossing at risk of eroding. With concrete box culverts, there is never a worry about longevity. Engineered to last a century and impervious to water, 3-sided bridges are a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution for shorter crossings.

Proven Quality

Columbia Precast Products has worked extensively with the Washington and Oregon Departments of Transportation and is well versed in all codes and regulations. Our controlled facility ensures clients receive consistent quality on orders large or small. Quick turnaround times mean deadlines are met and jobs move forward.

Bidding a job that requires certain environmentally sound products? Columbia Precast Products was the first buried infrastructure plant to earn SMaRT certification in the United States. This means our products are sustainable, strong, and safe for the environment. Contact us today if you have an upcoming need for a 3-sided bridge or box culvert.


Diagram of a 3-sided bridge