Used for both dry and wet applications, buried vaults can be used for water storage or treatment, housing access points for underground utilities, and a host of other purposes. Concrete is an ideal choice for buried infrastructure because of its strength, versatility, and relatively low maintenance.

While vaults can be made in many different sizes, the 444-13 vault follows specific guidelines. When the cover is in place, these vaults are four feet by four feet and have a depth of four feet. Each side has a knockout, lifting anchors, and an eight-inch area at the bottom for a sump to combat flooding of the unit.

And while Columbia Precast Products will cast the vault to exact specifications, there are some features that can be added to the interior of the vault. This includes safety ladders, handles, and even shelving. Tell us what you need, and we’ll make sure you get it.

Advantages of Precast

Concrete is the most durable, low maintenance, and sustainable material for buried infrastructure. But with precast concrete, you’ll be working with a more consistent, high-quality product. We produce all of our vaults, catch basins, and manholes inside a managed facility, giving us maximum control over the production process.

The ability to create vaults with exact measurements day or night, rain or shine, means you can have your components as soon as the excavation and base preparation are complete. Instead of waiting for forms to be erected, the concrete to be poured, and then strengthen on site, precast concrete can be delivered, installed and backfilled all on the same day.

Contact Columbia Precast if you have an upcoming project that needs a 444-13 vault, or any other buried infrastructure units. Our crews have decades of experience and will make your pieces to exact specifications. We’ve worked with both Washington and Oregon jurisdictions and are familiar with codes in both states.

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