As one of the smaller utility vaults we produce on a consistent basis, the 446 vault is a great solution for wiring, water filtration, or stormwater runoff junction points. There are a total of eight knockouts (each 18” by 18”) as well as four strut channels for racking. These features will give you plenty of flexibility when designing your buried infrastructure.

In addition to versatility, the 446-13 vault is outfitted with anchors for easy installation, an 8-inch sump for drainage (if applicable), and can also be outfitted with safety features like rungs or ladders. A galvanized hatch allows for easy access. To see all of the features of this vault, click here to download the .pdf.

Easy to Install

Easy installation is a huge benefit of the precast concrete 446 utility vault. Because the concrete is mixed, formed, and tested for strength well before you need it, the vault is ready when you are. Instead of waiting for the weather to be right for a poured-in-place vault, Columbia Precast Product vaults can be installed in one day.

Once the excavation is complete, and the proper bedding is in place, your crane will simply lower it into place. After connections are made to tie the vault into the system, it’s just a matter of backfilling and you’re ready to move onto the next phase of your project.

Sustainable Product, Sustainable Process

Environmentally-friendly practices have been a hallmark of the Pacific Northwest for decades. In fact, many municipalities throughout Oregon and Washington require green products or procedures when it comes to construction. That could mean energy-efficient appliances or LEED-certified materials.

Concrete itself is a very sustainable product, using only raw or natural materials. Because of its durable nature, precast concrete is made to last decade after decade. That means it won’t need to be replaced or repaired as often as other materials. Less maintenance means less material is actually needed.

Columbia Precast decided to take it another step with our manufacturing process. We create all of our pieces in a controlled facility so we’re able to capture and recycle much of our wastewater and materials. We even choose our partners based on their environmental practices.

All of that came together to make Columbia Precast the first buried infrastructure plant to earn SMaRT Certification in the United States. It’s a designation we’re proud of because it shows you can do the right thing and still be an industry leader.

If you have a large project on the horizon – or need a few vaults, catch basins, or manholes ASAP – contact Columbia Precast Products. With fast turnaround times and unsurpassed quality, you can be sure you’ll be getting products that are made green and made to last.

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