Our B.P.A. Catch Basin is designed to be an integral tool in the continuing operations of our region’s power infrastructure. Engineered and constructed to last generations, the B.P.A. Catch Basin from Columbia Precast Products continues our tradition of quality, sustainable production.

Columbia’s catch basins remain some of the most popular and widely implemented drainage products in any market. These sturdy dynamos collect and redirect stormwater runoff, clearing the way for traffic to flow unimpeded across roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and more.

Catch basins, designed as inlets for “excess water from streets, parking lots, golf courses and anywhere drainage is important,” are modern alternatives to drainage basins that are poured in place.

B.P.A. Catch Basin: Details & Features

The grate construction of the B.P.A. Catch Basin is made up of ½-inch by 2-inch bars at 2-inch O.C. structural steel A36. The catch basin itself is 2,765-pounds with a 2-inch weep hole in each wall.

They’re also designed for ease of transport and installation, and they require little to no maintenance during their lifespans.

Finally, you can trust that the B.P.A. Catch Basin maintains our standard or eco-friendly construction practices. We use environmentally friendly materials and eco-friendly production processes throughout our line of products.

For the expert crew at Columbia Precast Products, this is standard operating procedure. It’s just one of the reasons we became the first buried infrastructure facility in the United States to be awarded SMART Certification. Keep an eye out for the “SMART Certified” logo on our product materials!

Our products are designed to last. Plus, concrete, which is manufactured from naturally occurring material, is — for all intents and purposes — maintenance- and worry-free.

Questions about the B.P.A. Catch Basin or any of our other products? Let us know!

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