This catch basin is just one of the products we produce that meet exacting Oregon Department of Transportation specifications. Although Columbia Precast Products opened in 2013, we have decades of experience working with buried infrastructure in the state of Oregon.

Catch basins are usually placed at the edge of a roadway to handle the water runoff during raining conditions. These basins are the start of a storm-drain system, put in place to keep roads free of standing water. Topped with as grate to keep debris out of the system, catch basins come in different sizes, depending on the job.

The Oregon Department of Transportation G2 Type 2 catch basin calls for an exterior size of 3’-4” by 3’-6” and a depth of 3’-9”. For grading purposes, an additional riser of 4-, 6-, or 12-inches can be added to the top of the catch basin. The grate is usually the only part of the structure you’ll see. Each catch basin has a knockout on each side and lifting holes for easy installation.

Although these grates are most recognizable in roads next to sidewalks, catch basins can be used wherever water might accumulate after a storm. This could be in parking lots, near sports fields, and or parks. The surrounding area is usually graded downward towards the catch basin, acting as a funnel of sorts.

Advantages of precast G2 Catch Basins

When considering options, precast concrete catch basins can be very appealing. For starters, the components are ready to install whenever you are. Because the pieces are created beforehand, as soon as the excavation is completed and the base is prepared, the precast ODOT G2 catch basin can be placed.

With pour in place, forms need to be set, and time allowed for appropriate strengthening. The process can take a few days if the conditions are perfect. The job may need to be put on hold if the weather doesn’t cooperate. This is the Pacific Northwest after all, and too much rain could disrupt the mix.

Weather doesn’t even come into the equation with precast catch basins. Manufactured in our controlled facility, pieces are made to exact specifications, allowed to harden, and strength tested before being loaded on the truck for delivery.

Working on a project that calls for ODOT G2 catch basins? Contact Columbia Precast Products for an estimate. No matter if you need dozens or just a few, we’ll have them ready to go and on-site when you need them.

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