There are vaults all around us and beneath us — water vaults, electrical vaults, container/treatment vaults, and more. When maintenance or other workers need to access these vaults, they need the proper tools and equipment to do so safely. Enter Columbia Precast products — and enter a vault structure with our galvanized vault ladder with aluminum extension. Columbia Precast’s concrete water vaults house water meters, valves, backflow devices, and other potable water necessities. Our concrete vaults are safe, watertight, and built to last.

Galvanized Vault Ladder (Aluminum Extension)

When crewmembers enter these environments for monitoring and/or maintenance, we want them to be as safe as possible. Our galvanized vault ladder provides this safe access, and its aluminum extension makes it one of the safest points of entry in the business..

Strong and sturdy whether it’s in the closed or extended position, the vault ladder features solid and secure brackets and ½” by 1½” bolts.

Columbia Precast Products provides accessories such as the galvanized vault ladder with aluminum extensions as part of a line of products that have become industry standards.

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Columbia Precast Products

Our precast concrete vaults themselves are wonders of engineering and production. Built in-house in a tightly controlled environment, our precast concrete solutions offer multiple advantages over vaults that are poured in place.

For example, our quality control provides for continuous strength-testing of each piece before it ever leaves our production facility. Second, we provide customized solutions and precision engineering. We can offer any job site the flexibility needed to work at maximum speed and efficiency. Finally, installation is done with ease, reducing labor costs, and increasing safety for you and your crews.

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galvanized vault ladder with aluminum extension