Advances in precast concrete technology have almost made maintenance of certain buried infrastructure a thing of the past. There are still times, however, when work crews need to enter a manhole, vault structure, or wet well for servicing. These structures can be deep, so being able to safely descend into the unit is a concern.

Depending on the location and position of the entry point, there are a few ways to access the structure. Rungs or ladders built into the side of a manhole are pretty common. If the opening is in the middle of the structure, however, a confined space tripod is needed to lower a crewmember.

On a wet day, the rungs or ladder might be a little slippery. For an added measure of safety, Ladder Up safety posts can be added to a fixed ladder or rungs. Used as a hand hold for safer access to enter or exit the concrete structure, the device is attached to the top two rungs or steps and features an extendable post.

Made from stainless steel, the telescoping design is spring balanced for ease of operation. To extend the post to an upright and balanced position, just lift the pull up post to full extension. The post automatically locks in the fully raised position to provide the user with a firm and steady hand hold.

To lower the post, use the handy release lever near the bottom of the extended post. This will disengage the post just enough to allow the user to lower the post and close the overhead vault door or manhole cover. This allows the Ladder Up safety post to remain in place.

The apparatus is designed to fit a wide variety of rung or step sizes with a range of different spaces between steps (although all rungs and steps should be spaced at safe intervals). Clamp brackets and mounting bolts make for easy installation.

For a closer look at the Ladder Up safety post, click here to download a .pdf.

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A Ladder Up safety post is just one of the accessories Columbia Precast Products provides with our manholes, vault structures, and other products. Sumps, strut channels, shelving, and knockouts can be added when applicable. Whatever your design needs, our engineers will make it work.

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Ladder Up Safety Post