Used along streets, pathways, parking lots, sidewalks, and other paved areas, catch basins are an ideal way to collect water that would otherwise pool and create hazards. Built to exact Oregon Department of Transportation specifications, these catch basins will meet or exceed all code requirements for your infrastructure needs.

Our catch basins are built with knockouts, adjustment risers, and lifting holes to provide versatility and make installation easier. Columbia Precast Product catch basins are designed for durability and strength-tested before leaving the facility. For other specifications, consult the .pdf below or click here to download the .pdf.

Advantages of precast catch basins

No matter the size of the project, precast catch basins are ready when you are. Instead of dedicating up to a week or more to have these pieces poured in place, precast products are ready for installation as soon as excavation has finished. This will help your project stay on schedule and prevent missed deadlines.

In addition, Columbia Precast Products builds all of our pieces in a controlled environment. This means your catch basin can be made no matter the conditions. That’s especially important in the Pacific Northwest, where you can experience four-season weather all in the same week!

SMaRT Certified

With more attention being given to environmental concerns, Columbia Precast is an industry leader in this aspect. Literally: we are the first plant to earn SMaRT certification in the buried infrastructure industry. Reaching Platinum designation, this means our products, plant, and even the vendors we work with meet environmental goals.

Whether you’re installing brand new infrastructure or replacing failed pieces, Columbia Precast Products will deliver a catch basin that meets or beats all required codes. Although our company opened in 2013, our crew has more than 140 years of experience in the precast industry. We’ve worked in both Oregon and Washington and are ready to meet your buried infrastructure needs. Contact us today for more information.

O.D.O.T – Type 3 Catch Basin