Catch basins are wonders of engineering and ingenuity. They’re also indispensable for the maintenance and safe operation of our roadways. The ODOT Type CG-3 Catch Basin continues Columbia Precast Products’ proud tradition of sustainable design and innovation.

Catch basins provide inlets for “excess water from streets, parking lots, golf courses and anywhere drainage is important.” They represent an alternative to poured-in-place drainage basins.

ODOT Type CG-3

The ODOT Type CG-3 Catch Basin features an adjustment riser available in 4-inch, 6-inch, and 12-inch heights. In fact, our precast concrete catch basins come in a range of sizes and adjustments.

Where high-flow capacity is a necessity, Columbia Precast concrete catch basins excel. They’re constructed to withstand all load requirements and to accommodate a variety of pipe sizes. And the 1,200-pound curb inlet meets or exceeds all ODOT standards. In addition, the CG-3 curb inlet features a cast-in manhole frame and cover.

As an integral part of a storm-drainage system, the ODOT Type CG-3 Catch Basin is designed and constructed to prevent flooding and the accumulation of standing water in high-traffic and other areas. This is crucial in the Pacific Northwest, where the terrain can be sloping and hilly, and unstable weather and wet conditions last throughout much of the year.

Often, the combination of rain, warmer weather, and snowmelt threatens to overwhelm inadequate storm drainage systems. Public agencies such as ODOT turn to our precast concrete experts for timely and efficient solutions.

Here are a few additional features of the ODOT Type CG-3 Catch Basin.

Debris Restriction

In addition to its proven high-flow storm-drainage capacities, our catch basins also handle oil and grease that is an inevitable residual component of our nation’s roadway infrastructure. With the addition of a sump, operators can capture solids even during low water flow.

Ease of Installation

Our 3,050-pound CG-3 catch basins and the 1,200-pound curb inlets feature lifting holes and knockout walls for ease of installation.

Ease of Maintenance

Concrete storm-drainage systems designed and constructed by Columbia Precast products are easily maintained as delivered. Improvements are possible via the addition of a regular schedule of inspection and maintenance. The inclusion of sediment filters provides further improvements.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Columbia Precast Products focuses on the design and construction of eco-friendly products. We use environmentally friendly materials and processes throughout the production process. For Columbia, this is a long-time standard; we were the first buried infrastructure facility in the country to earn a SMART Certification.

Our products are designed to last, and concrete — made from naturally occurring materials — is virtually maintenance-free. We are a leading manufacturer of concrete products. We designed our operations and production center to reduce waste whenever and wherever possible.

For any questions about the ODOT Type CG-3 Catch Basin or any other product, get in touch with Columbia Precast Products today. In the meantime, click here for a pdf of the ODOT Type CG-3 Catch Basin.