Built to exact Washington State Department of Transportation specifications, Columbia Precast Products provides quick turnaround for the Type 1-3 catch basin. Whether you’re installing infrastructure for a new neighborhood or retrofitting existing infrastructure, these catch basins are necessary to keep water from pooling on the roadway.

While the WSDOT Type 1-3 catch basin has a specific footprint and height, an adjustable riser can be added to help meet the grade of the surface. These risers are available in 2-, 4-, 6-, 12-, and 24-inch heights. Because we’re working from WSDOT plans, these catch basins have the required thickness, knockouts, and interior dimensions. All you have to do is install it.

Environmentally Sound

As city, county, and state jurisdictions in Washington are becoming more mindful of the environment, know that Columbia Precast is ahead of the curve. As the first buried infrastructure facility to earn SMaRT Certification in the United States, we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our products are sustainable.

For starters, the product itself is sustainable. Precast pieces produce less waste than pour in place concrete, use raw and natural materials during production, and last longer than other materials. Because it’s so durable, there’s no need for replacement or repair for up to 100 years. Truly a set it and forget it product.

Columbia Precast goes even further. Our facility is eco-friendly, allowing us to capture and reuse wastewater and other waste materials. We even choose our partners/vendors based on the efforts they make to become more sustainable. We’ll even make seemingly minor decisions based on what’s best for the environment.

For example, we’ll choose a local gravel supplier over one located 100 miles away to cut down on truck emissions. Of course, going local is good for the local economy, saves times, and decreases turnaround time. Our decisions are made with our customers – and the environment – in mind.

If you have an upcoming road project in the state of Washington, contact Columbia Precast Products for an estimate on the number of Type 1-3 catch basins you need. With us, you’ll know you’ll be getting the right product for the job and offer a sustainable solution to keep local jurisdictions happy.

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