We are fortunate to work with a wide range of businesses and manufacturing partners at Columbia Precast Products. Our manufacturing capacity across a variety of industries brings us into regular contact with our trusted partners. They help us bring our product lines to life.

Our list of trusted partners would be long indeed. Many of the firms and organizations that we work with are directly involved in the manufacturing and construction trades. Others are respected members of trade organizations and the public relations industries.

Product Lines and Trusted Partners at Columbia Precast Products to illustrate product lines and trusted partners pageAll of them have a stake in encouraging innovation. They also champion the manufacture of quality products. Finally, they implement customer service practices that maintain and improve upon our industry standards.

We thought we’d put together a list of some of our trusted partners. Plus, a short description of their business. This may become a regular feature on our site, so please visit us often for news and info on our product lines and trusted partners.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch with Columbia Precast Products.

Concrete Pipe Northwest

Part of the American Concrete Pipe Association family, Concrete Pipe Northwest delivers news and information to assist engineers, contractors and inspectors in learning about the latest and most relevant trade news, especially related to concrete pipe and box culvert designs and installations.

National Precast Concrete Association

Since 1965 the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) has been advocating for and connecting concrete industry leaders with a series of educational, leadership and networking opportunities. The NPCA represents more than 1,100 companies, including Columbia Precast Products, that are committed to expanding use of precast concrete.

Pacific Northwest Precast Concrete Association

Comprised of regional companies, firms and individuals in the precast concrete industry, the Pacific Northwest Precast Concrete Association (PNPCA) is an affiliate of the NPCA. It’s made up of members from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia, Canada. This group helps members “exchange industry knowledge and information, secure efficient cooperation between the concrete products industry and engineers, developers and governmental agencies” and advocates for “constant improvements of practices for the purpose of developing a high product quality.”

Southwest Washington Contractors Association

The Southwest Washington Contractors Association (SWCA) has been around since 1946. The organization champions the construction industry in Southwest Washington. It does so via advocColumbia Precast Concrete team picture in front of facilityacy, education, and partnerships. In the SWCA’s words, they “help our members win more business, become more profitable, train their employees, and build a stronger community.”


A maker of high-quality grade-level infrastructure, RimRiser designs products and solutions to more easily upgrade standard precast concrete and municipal cast iron products. In other words, they help producers modify their foundry patterns. One of the things we love best about this particular product is that it allows for superior installation solutions. These solutions have replaced the century-old methods that were still in use throughout the building trades.