If there are drainage problems near your home, industrial facility, or parking lot, a dry well could be the ideal solution. Designed to control excess stormwater runoff, these wells can be constructed in different shapes and sizes depending on how much water needs to be dealt with and where they will be placed.

As a drainage solution, dry wells differ than wetwells in that they don’t collect water, but disburse it underground. Similar to french drains, dry wells are structures placed into the ground, usually level with the surface but above the water table, is perforated, and can be surrounded by gravel,  filled with gravel, or left empty. The ground then absorbs or naturally filters the water.

Dry well produced by Columbia Precast ProductsWhen it comes to stormwater management, wells are a standard component. But that doesn’t mean all dry wells are the same shape or size. For that reason, Columbia Precast creates dry wells in several sizes and shapes for any application.

These wells can be very large or as part of a series of wells in the vicinity and are placed well away from any structures. Dry wells are not used to treat water, however. The sole use is to keep water from collecting on the surface or take the water away from building foundations.

In some cases, these wells are connected to gutter systems and a series of pipes that take the water a safe distance away.

Advantages of precast concrete dry wells

While this drainage solution is pretty common, precast concrete versions offer a faster, safer, and more durable solution. Columbia Precast Concrete manufactures all of its pieces in a controlled environment to ensure consistency. A poured in well may introduce debris or excess water to the mix.

Using precast pieces also improves efficiency. Once excavation has been completed, our precast dry wells are ready for installation. There are no forms to set, no waiting for it to achieve appropriate strength, and no need for prolonged security. As soon as it is in place, backfilling can begin.

Are you in need of dry wells at your construction site? Call Columbia Precast today to find out how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!