ODOT G2 Catch Basins improve upon an already ingenious design. Fired good and strong, and built to withstand years of punishing weather, the G2 Catch Basin is an operational marvel. We’re proud to add this basin to our line of sustainably produced precast concrete products.

Catch basins are inlets for “excess water from streets, parking lots, golf courses and anywhere drainage is important.” They represent an effective alternative to poured-in-place basins.


The ODOT G2 catch basin features a 1,500-pound top unit with OSHD Type 2 frame and grate and an adjustment riser that comes in 4-inch, 6-inch, and 12-inch heights. Each is designed to sit atop the 3,050-pound catch basin.

Of course, our products are constructed and designed to meet or exceed Standard Drawing No. RD364 for G2 concrete inlets.

Our products are integral and crucial parts of a system designed to whisk water away from roadways and areas prone to saturation and flooding. In the Pacific Northwest, our precast products have become the go-to standard for infrastructure works and improvements.odot g2 catch basin

The G2 Catch Basin features proven high-flow water and storm runoff drainage capacities. In addition, the G2 and many of our other products allow for effective debris restriction. They’re also designed for ease of installation and ease of maintenance for Department of Transportation workers.

Finally, a quick note about our business’ sustainability practices. You can feel good about Columbia Precast Products, where we remain laser-focused on the design and construction of eco-friendly precast concrete products.

Our materials are environmentally friendly, as are our production processes. In fact, Columbia sets the standard here, too; we were the first buried infrastructure facility in the United States to earn SMART Certification.

Concrete is manufactured from naturally occurring materials. Our operations and production facility as well as our production processes themselves encourage the reduction of unnecessary waste.

If you have any questions about the ODOT G2 Catch Basin or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Columbia Precast Products.