Perhaps the most versatile precast product are panel vaults. Instead of casting the entire vault, modular vaults are constructed for assembly at the site. The pieces are lighter, easy to customize, and durable. No matter the configuration, Columbia Precast Products will produce vault panels that are easier and faster to install than cast in place vaults.

Precast panel vaults from Columbia Precast ProductsOur panel vault systems can be equipped with several safety features, such as access ladders, safety nets, ladder-up safety posts, and more. Other features, such as shelving, can also be included when the panels are made. Our panel vaults are highly adaptable, so if you have ideas, let us know. We’ll work to meet your specifications.

Depending on your needs, we manufacture the panels with other features in place, such as knockouts. That means these panels can be used for water applications, electrical conduit, and other uses that require openings. This means infrastructure doesn’t already have to be in place – we’ve already planned for it.

Built-in efficiency

When it’s time for installation, your panels will already be casted, strength tested, and available for assembly. That can be a huge advantage over poured in place concrete, especially in places that are difficult for cement trucks to reach. Other factors also come into play with pour in place vaults.

Even if the cement can be delivered directly to the site, forms need to be built, steel reinforcement set in place, and time spent waiting for the cement to cure. All of this has already been accomplished with precast pieces, saving time. While weather can be a concern on a pour, it has no bearing on precast concrete installation.

Strength Advantages

All of our pieces are built in a protected environment, giving us complete control of the process from start to finish. We control the mixture, the pour, and the strengthening all before the pieces ever leave the facility. No product leaves the building without rigorous strength testing.

With pour in place concrete, workers may have to install steel reinforcements in difficult conditions and hope for the best. At Columbia Precast, we are able to construct and place reinforcement in perfect conditions all the time. That means you get perfect panels every time.

In difficult situations, vault panels may offer the perfect answer for installation. Because the panels are lighter, they are easier to maneuver, which makes for a quick installation. With Columbia Precast Products, you know you’ll be working with a superior product. Contact us today for a free estimate – we look forward to your call.