Cross section of a Perfect Base for manholes showing channelsWhen it comes to the management of sewer systems, one of the biggest issues is the transfer from pipe to pipe through a manhole. A channel must be constructed in the field to match the flow line so that the sewer system functions as intended.

However, poor construction can allow debris to get caught on the channel and/or pipe to manhole connection, causing blockages. Too many of these blockages have a negative effect on the sewer system as they impact the flow in which the effluent is moving as it works its way to the treatment system. In an effort to eliminate such transitions, channels are added by hand to guide the sewage from pipe to manhole to pipe.

Unfortunately, this is an inexact science. Basically, a worker goes into the manhole and has multiple buckets of concrete delivered by hand and constructs a channel. Not only is the worker in a confined space, but it’s also not very efficient. For the time being, it’s the only way to retrofit a manhole. For new installations, there are products available that – ahem – flush all of those problems away.

Ready-Made Channel

Manhole with Perfect Base showing channelsWith newer technology that is able to match any specification, manhole bases with the channels already in place mitigate the imperfections that debris can get hung up on. If the pipes are properly set, these channels can be made to match perfectly with the rest of the system, as designed by the engineer.

With the correct specifications, Columbia Precast Products can create these bases to be put in place before the manhole has been installed. And because the bases have already had the time to strengthen in our environmentally-controlled facility, there won’t be as much downtime as there would be with pour in place solutions.

These prefabricated channels can save municipalities time and money on sewage line maintenance.

This is a real technological solution to a very real problem in cities, counties, and throughout the Pacific Northwest. In some cases, product-specific channels are required. Columbia Precast Products offers the Schluesselbauer Perfect Base system.

A Better Product

The exterior of manholes with Perfect Base channels.By incorporating these channels into the manholes, you’re making the decision to make your sewage systems run more efficiently with less cost and maintenance. These manhole channels can be used in conjunction with existing Washington State and Oregon State codes and regulations for manholes.

Columbia Precast Products will have these channels ready as soon as you are. Because we can create the components well before you need them, they are of consistent quality and already strength tested.

Looking to submit bids for sewer line systems retrofits or new line installations? Contact Columbia Precast Products to see how we can help. While our crews have decades of experience in the precast industry, we are also the first buried infrastructure facility to earn SMaRT Certification in the United States.

That means if a particular job needs a certain amount of eco-friendliness, our certification will certainly help. In the Pacific Northwest, incorporating green technologies into your plans is becoming a more commonplace requirement. Feel free to reach out for more information about our channel systems and how our process can help with your bid.