Commuters have almost certainly seen our ODOT-style precast concrete traffic barriers at some point along their journeys across the region. One of the most remarkable things about precast concrete is its versatility and customizability. So it’s no great surprise to find Columbia Precast Products all along Oregon’s highways and byways.

ODOT-style traffic barriers — also called highway barriers, slope barriers, security barriers, median barriers, Jersey barriers, or even Ontario Tall Walls, depending on the region — help keep drivers safe and traffic running smoothly.

Whether it’s the ODOT RD500 traffic barrier or the ODOT RD545 traffic barrier, with Columbia Precast’s rigorous and time-tested production methods, our partners can be sure they’re getting the highest quality materials built to last for generations.

What’s more, Columbia Precast Products utilizes and implements certified green technologies in our manufacturing process. This keeps our production lines purring and our partnerships growing while contributing to the health and continued wellbeing of our shared environment.

SMaRT Certified Precast Concrete Traffic Barriers

We all have a role to play to prevent the degradation of our environment. That’s why the expert crews at Columbia Precast Products are proud to have earned both LEED and SMaRT certifications.

LEED is the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. SMaRT represents the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability’s Sustainable Materials Rating Technology certification. Each of these represents our company’s commitment to the beauty and bounty of our part of the world.

It’s not easy to be SMaRT certified. (Click to learn more about the SMaRT certification process) Bottom line: For a manufacturer of precast concrete forms — including precast concrete traffic barriers — to become SMaRT certified is a rare and tremendous achievement.

Exceedingly rare. In fact, Columbia Precast Products is the first precast concrete plant in the buried infrastructure industry to earn this certification.

But it gets better.

As our friends at the National Precast Concrete Association write, “Columbia Precast received the Platinum designation, which is the highest level achievable in the buried pipeline products category. It manufactures its concrete pipe and precast products using completely natural and raw materials that are chemically inert and free of volatile organic compounds.”

Furthermore, the NPCA reports that our products feature “the longest lifecycles of any products made for sewer, water, utility, and storm drain systems, and the company itself has been certified sustainable to the triple bottom line, an accounting framework that incorporates three dimensions of performance: social, environmental, and financial.”

Long story short: When you partner with Columbia Precast Products for your ODOT-style barriers, you’re not only getting versatility and durability, you’re getting sustainability, too.

Columbia Precast Products: Traffic Barriers

Our production process allows for the timely and efficient delivery of precast barriers. We can customize our products, too, so that they meet or exceed all transportation departments’ requirements for strength and consistency.

Whether they’re needed as traffic safety and/or control barriers, as protection for underground wiring, or for construction and building safety, concrete barriers from Columbia Precast Products set the standard for reliability of acquisition and performance.

Have any questions about this or any of our other customizable precast concrete products? We’re happy to speak with you and to answer any questions you may have.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s see how a partnership will help you realize your goals of obtaining durable and sustainable precast concrete solutions from a company that cares about doing business the right way.

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and never more than a phone call away, Columbia Precast Products is ready for business. How can we help you today?