Utility vaults are used to provide access to and protection for infrastructure equipment. These materials are often buried and need manholes for entry. The most popular material for these vaults is concrete because of its durability, low maintenance, and easy installation.

A Precast Vault manufactured by Columbia Precast ProductsBuried infrastructure often runs for miles but still needs to be accessible along the way in case of malfunction or repair. Valves, switchgear, panels, and other utility equipment must remain safe from outside elements at all times. A few instances where underground utility vaults are needed include:

  • Water Lines
  • Natural Gas Lines
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Telecommunication Wiring

Depending on the size of the vault, accessories can be added to improve usability. Ladders, racks, hatches, and more can be built into the vault to provide easy access and safety.

Precast Concrete Vault Structures

At Columbia Precast Products, we will manufacture utility vaults to your exact specifications. What do you need delivered — and when do you need it? Water vaults, containment/treatment vaults, or any of our many other precast concrete vault applications can be produced using our customizable precast concrete forms.

Plus, Columbia Precast Products has the distinction of being the first precast plant in the buried infrastructure industry to earn a SMaRT certification. What’s more, we have been designated as a “Platinum” producer. This is the highest level achieved in all buried pipeline products.

What does this mean for our partners? It means you can count on us to adhere to the green standards which are such a crucial part of contracts with many municipal entities.

Our precast concrete pipes and other precast concrete utility products are made of all-natural and raw materials. These materials are Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)-free. What’s more, these products are produced locally and have the longest life cycle of any product designed for water, sewer, utility, and storm drain systems.

We’re proud to be good for business and our shared environment!

Why Precast Vaults?

While all concrete vaults are built to last, using precast concrete will save you time and money. Because we are able to produce them before they are needed, our vaults are ready to go when you are. No forms, no curing time, and no need to have an open hole at the job site for more than a day.

When excavation is done, the vaults are put in place, and installation of utilities and backfilling can begin. That means fewer overall staff hours, no delays, and fewer safety issues. All of which saves money in the overall picture.

On the production side, we are able to produce consistently high-quality pieces in the controlled environment of our facility. With poured-on-site concrete, the chances of imperfections are much higher. Air pockets, debris, and excess water on rainy days can affect the overall durability of the concrete.

None of that is a concern at Columbia Precast Products. You can be sure the utility vault you get is of the highest standards. With poured in place concrete, you won’t be sure until the forms are removed.

If you need a utility vault for your industrial facility, new business park, or large subdivision, contact Columbia Precast today. We’ll keep you on time and on budget and our products are tested to stand the test of time. We look forward to hearing from you.