Used when water can’t be disbursed through natural means, water vaults collect excess water to prevent flooding. These vaults may be connected by a series of pipes to take the water away from an area, or to hold in place for times when water is scarce.

Water vaults from Columbia PrecastFor example, a water vault would be necessary in an area where there is low water availability. This water could be used for irrigation during the summer or even to help fight fires when traditional fire-fighting measures are limited or too far away.

Placement of water vaults depends on its use or overall location. Buried vaults are preferable to above-ground holding tanks, especially if the area above is slated for other purposes like a parking lot. Water detention ponds bring safety issues and potential wildlife problems, making precast concrete vaults attractive as well.

In addition to water holding vaults, Columbia Precast Products manufactures vaults to make it easier to monitor and maintain your water system. Protecting valves, backflow devices, and water meters, these vaults can be equipped with safety features. Hatches, access ladders, safety posts and more are built directly into the vaults.

Although water vaults can be made from several materials, concrete products are the most durable and maintenance-free option. Columbia Precast Products creates quality precast vaults in various shapes and sizes as well as custom configurations. All of our products are made to handle the most severe loading requirements.

There are several advantages with precast concrete production. Within the controlled environment of our facility, we can create optimal conditions for precast concrete manufacturing. We mix, set, perform quality control, and strength test the concrete pieces well before it reaches your job site.

These measures just can’t be replicated when concrete is poured at the site. Pouring in place also takes much longer to install. Setting forms and waiting for the concrete to cure can mean several days have to pass before the project can move forward.

With precast products, as soon as the hole is ready, the vault can be placed. This saves installation time, crew time, and costs associated with having an exposed work area. And your project will be able to stay on schedule.

In addition to water vaults, Columbia Precast Products creates a wide range of precast concrete structures. Our staff has more than 140 years of experience within the precast concrete industry, so you can be confident we know what we’re doing. Our commitment to sustainability and environmentally-sound processes have earned us SMaRT certification.

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