Beyond Manufacturing

We also offer a range of services beyond manufacturing to assist in your industrial, commercial, or municipal applications. Custom product engineering, delivery, and providing recommendations for installation and assembly are also provided. Columbia Precast Products possess more than 140 years of combined experience in the precast concrete and buried infrastructure industry. If you have questions, we have the answers.

Custom Creation/Engineering

While many of the precast products we create are of a traditional size or standard shapes, we do have the ability to make high-quality custom pieces. Even the best-laid plans can run into problems when excavation begins. With a licensed professional engineer on staff, we can create pieces that meet all specifications, codes, and strength tests.

If there is an unexpected obstacle, we can make recommendations on how to move forward. Perhaps it’s as easy as moving a precast vault a few feet in a certain direction or just removing the obstacle. In the case of existing utilities that were unreported, our engineer will be on site to design the needed product.

This could be a specialized sleeved vault that fits over the infrastructure that’s already in place. Or creating a solution that has pieces assembled around sewer lines, buried power lines, or other obstructions. This could include how lifting eyes are placed to make for easier installation or even pouring concrete in place if needed. If it can be designed, we can create it.


Once pieces have been created and meet all strength requirements, Columbia Precast Products will deliver materials to the job site when you need them. In some cases, we are able to unload some of our smaller products. However, in many cases, our clients need to secure a crane for unloading. Often, these cranes are already at the site.


In many cases, the buried concrete infrastructure is part of a much larger project and is assembled by the existing crew. And while we can’t install the product, we are available to give direction in certain custom situations. Unsure if you have the needed resources in place to assemble or install the pieces? Columbia Precast Products can also make recommendations in that situation.

In most cases, Columbia Precast Products is manufacturing pieces for projects that have been created a thousand times over. But we also provide services for those times when standard sizes or traditional practices aren’t feasible – even in the middle of the job!

But no matter what we create, you can be sure our products will meet all specifications for strength, durability, and usability. Additionally, Columbia Precast Products is proud of our commitment to the environment as the first United States plant in the precast concrete industry to be SMaRT certified. Have a project in need of precast concrete? Contact us today.