We are the first precast plant in the Buried Infrastructure industry to earn this certification. Our designation of “Platinum” is the highest level achieved in all buried pipeline products.

  • Our concrete pipe and precast products are made of completely natural and raw materials and are Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free
  • Our products have the longest life cycle of any product for sewer, water, utility, and storm drain systems
  • Our products are completely chemically inert.

We have been certified sustainable to the triple bottom line: this means good for the environment, the economy and the global community.

Partnerships with Purpose

Our crew has several decades of experience with precast concrete products. It’s what we know, it’s what we do. So when we choose to partner with another company, we make sure their dedication to what they do matches ours. That includes the belief in sustainable practices.

One of the ways we are able to be SMaRT Certified is choosing who we partner with. We believe in sustainable practices and make a point to choose partners who hold the same values. For example, our cement manufacturer has been recognized for its environmental management system and the company that supplied our batching and mixing plant employs solar panels, efficient machinery, and sustainable processes to remain highly sustainable.

All of this helped us earn – and maintain – our SMaRT Certification. Click to learn more about our partners.

In order to qualify for SMaRT Certification, a company’s products must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide Feedstock Inventory Documentation
  • Document the Input and Output of Stockholm Chemicals
  • Maintain a Manufacturing Facility Energy Inventory
  • Keep an Inventory of all Biobased and Recycled Content Materials
  • Have EMS Environmental Policies and Targets
  • Have Social Indicator Reporting for Manufacturers (working conditions)
  • Use ISO Life Cycle Assessment process
  • Have Operational Reclamation and/or Sustainable Reuse Programs
  • Have Product Performance Durability (long lasting products)

SMaRT Certification Guidelines

CPP Environmental Policy/SMaRT Certificate

What is SMaRT?

Sustainable Materials Rating Technology (SMaRT) is the world’s standard for sustainable product development and manufacturing. It doesn’t just mean that products aren’t harmful, but that they actually improve the health of the environment.

Why is this certification important?

SMaRT signifies a company’s bottom-line commitment to being environmentally friendly. It is a highly differentiated certification, and the only consensus product certification protected against antitrust.

To qualify, it takes a huge commitment on the company that’s applying (the requirements are very stringent). Companies are thoroughly vetted – by receiving the certification, the “whole picture” of production—from manufacturing to construction to transportation—has been examined and approved by a third party auditor.

Given that the Pacific Northwest is one of the hottest sustainability markets around, we feel this certification is a huge asset for us and something we’re very proud to have received.

You can read more about our commitment to sustainability. If you have any questions about the certification or our products, contact us to get more information.