What Is Design Mix Concrete?

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A worker moves large concrete equipment to illustrate smart certification

Concrete is a vital part of any sound building. Concrete mix design is the preparation used in mixing concrete ingredients that create the required durability for the concrete structure.

Concrete is renowned and widely used for its compressive strength. Concrete work requires a fundamental understanding of the importance of process and quality control. Whether it’s Portland cement, ready mix proportions, fly ash or other substances, concrete experts work to ensure the proper air content, unit weight, and more.

Crafting a strong concrete mix is not an easy process, either. That’s because every ingredient that goes into the mix has different properties. They must all be tested to determine that the properties and bearing capacity of different types of concrete mixes are strong enough for that specific project.

The most common design concrete mixture ingredients that need to be tested are:

  • Water
  • Fine aggregate size (sand)
  • Coarse aggregate
  • Cement
  • Chemicals
  • Reinforcement

Having the right mix helps in the development process ensures that the concrete result is strong and durable enough. It is also important to make sure it has the workability needed for the project, in addition to making sure there are no problems with creep or permeability.
When determining the strength and durability of the concrete mix design, there are a few factors that come into play that should be tested.

Water to cement ratio
This is one of the most important steps. Make sure the water to cement ratio is measured and monitored carefully. If this ratio is wrong, it could cause the concrete to weaken over time and fail.

Aggregates always need to be tested for durability. If they aren’t, you could be risking cracks developing, which could cause the aggregate to break and fall off later down the road.

Grade designation
After the concrete is cured in any medium, it needs to be tested for strength. The strength is usually dependent on the concrete grade.

Any organic imperfections in the sand could negatively impact the durability of the concrete once it hardens.

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