Advantages of Using Precast Concrete Throughout The Sewer Pipe Infrastructure

By April 26, 2019 No Comments

Whether it’s connecting plastic, steel, or concrete, working with the same materials makes for an easier job site. Engineering joints between plastic and steel or figuring out how to affix steel to concrete add an extra layer of work to an already labor-intensive job.

For ease of use, durability, and strength purposes, it makes sense to use the same materials throughout your sewer or water lines. By using like materials, you’ll be working with the same properties for installation and connections all along the line.

Why use precast concrete for sewer systems?

At Columbia Precast, all of our products can be custom built to exact specifications. Why is that important? By having all of your pieces built in the same facility, you’ll be assured of a tight fit throughout the system. The installation process is much faster, you’ll be able to backfill faster, and keep your project on schedule.

By using similar materials, you’ll also be confident the pieces will work in concert well after installation. Running plastic pipes into concrete well structures just won’t provide the same stability that concrete pipes would. If there is any degradation along the line, the whole sewer system is affected.

Pour in place vs. precast concrete sewer systems

Using precast products will make installing sewer lines even more efficient. Once excavation has finished, precast pieces are ready to be placed. While concrete pipes aren’t made on site, you have a choice when it comes to vaults or basins.

With pour in place basins, forms need to be set, rebar placed, concrete poured, and time allowed for the concrete to harden to the appropriate strength. This could take several days under the best conditions. With precast, all of the hard work has been taken care of back in a controlled facility.

Use Green products for your sewer infrastructure

Columbia Precast Products was the first buried infrastructure plant to earn SMaRT certification in the industry. This means our products, our processes, and our partners all have an eye towards helping the environment. So not only will you be getting the longest-lasting sewer pipes, catch basins, manholes, and more, you can be confident our pieces are eco-friendly as well.

Using precast concrete for entire sewer line systems saves time and money – two big considerations when it comes to building a residential development, commercial business park, or industrial facility. To find out how Columbia Precast Products can help your sewer infrastructure project or any other concrete job you have, contact us today.