The Benefits of an Underground Utility Vault

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Custom vault structure

An underground utility vault has numerous benefits. A precast concrete utility vault has even more benefits. If you’ve been considering utility options for your company, are in the process of remodeling your business, or are a contractor exploring commercial utility options, here’s why a precast concrete utility vault is ideal for large or small scale projects.

Precast Concrete Utility Vaults are Durable

When you’re considering installing an underground utility vault, you want to know that your electrical wiring, panels, pipes, and other expensive equipment essential to functioning is protected from the elements. Precast concrete is durable and watertight making it the ideal housing for your utilities.

precast concrete utility vault

Concrete is virtually non-combustible, so in the event of a fire in your utility vault, there’s no need to worry about it spreading to other parts of your building causing extensive damage beyond your vault. The durability of concrete also means that your utilities will be protected for years to come. There will be no need to replace the vault in five to ten years, because precast concrete will last you for decades.

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

Precast concrete utility vaults are installed quickly and fairly easily. Because the vault is precast, you won’t need to spend hours and hours waiting for concrete to cure, hoping that it settles the way you need it to set. After being installed, it can immediately be backfilled, so it’s ready for use almost instantly. Because of the ease of installation as well as the time saved throughout the process, precast concrete utility vaults are cost effective. No wasted time, which translates to no costly redos.

Additionally, an underground utility vault is as easy to access as utilities stored in the next room, but much safer. Because you don’t need to worry about moisture or severe temperature variations in a precast, underground utility vault, it’s incredibly easy to maintain.

Safe and Secure

Underground precast concrete utility vaults house expensive equipment that’s essential to your business or company running smoothly. While it’s easy to access for the people who need to, utility vaults are incredibly secure, so your costly equipment is protected for as long as your vault does.

Precast Concrete is Environmentally Friendly

Beyond being an ideal material for an underground utility vaults because of durability and maintenance reasons, concrete is a sustainable material, so it’s good for the environment. If your company or project is focused on being environmentally conscious, precast concrete is a perfect fit for your project. Additionally, certain companies, including Columbia Precast Products, manufacturing and production process is also green, so the entire process from inception to installation is eco-friendly.

A Leader in Precast Concrete Utility Vaults

If you have additional questions about precast concrete, utility vaults, or customization, contact Columbia Precast Concrete. We are industry experts, who pride ourselves on being a sustainable company that does precast products right. Quality and sustainability are our main priorities and we’d love to partner with you for your next project.