The ODOT Type CG-2 Catch Basin is used along city streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and anywhere else standing water can become a problem. With easy access from the top, these inlets are designed for easy service or maintenance. Not as large as manholes, the catch basin serves as an access point to the stormwater dispersal system.

Water enters through the side of the curb to reach the catch basin, different from grates that are placed in the road next to a curb. Rings prevent larger pieces of debris from entering while still allowing stormwater to reach the system. Follow this link for more parameters.

Along with the standard grate and top, this piece can also be outfitted with a lifting section, ranging from six to 12 inches depending on the rise of the location. Lifting holes make installation easy, and each side features a knockout to allow for more adaptability along the line.

Columbia Precast Products has a large amount of experience working with the Oregon Department of Transportation, so we are very familiar with all codes and regulations for size and strength. While there are standard sizes, we can produce catch basins for custom applications, too. Our engineers are masters of making sure every piece is designed to handle specific tolerances.

Why Work With Columbia Precast?

As the first buried infrastructure plant to receive SMaRT Certification, working with us will check a lot of “green” boxes for your next project. That’s important: Many city, county, and state requests for proposals will require some amount of eco-friendly construction practices.

Precast concrete is considered a sustainable building block because of how long it lasts, it’s made with raw and naturally occurring materials, and needs little to no repair or maintenance. The only service needed is to clean debris out of the grate or remove obstacles in the line.

The Columbia Precast plant is a controlled environment and we’re able to produce your catch basins no matter the weather. This just isn’t possible with pour-in-place concrete outfits. It also means faster turnaround times for your products. Once it has reached the appropriate strength rating, it’s ready for your project.

Columbia Precast Products was built with more than 150 years of experience. At the management level and those crews on the floor, we live, eat, and breathe precast concrete. It’s important for us to hire the best and retain the best.

ODOT Type CG-2 Catch Basin and More

All of it together means you’ll receive consistent quality with our products. Whether you need five or fifty catch basins, manholes, or panel vaults, Columbia Precast will deliver precision-made products on time, every time. Have a need for a catch basin or other buried infrastructure on your next project? Contact us today.

Click here for a pdf of the ODOT Type CG-2 Catch Basin.