Our Partners

At Columbia Precast Products, we are experts in our own field – that’s why we have partners for everything else. We choose to partner with groups that are as committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly results as we are. Above all, our partners closely align with our values of innovative sustainability, transparency and commitment to producing quality products.

Partners in Sustainability

When it comes to sustainable practices, we hold our partners to the same standards we hold ourselves. When we earned SMaRT certification, we were the first to do so as a precast plant in the buried infrastructure industry. Our precast products are made from natural and raw materials and have the longest lifespan in sewer, water, utility, and storm drain systems.

So what is SMaRT certification? This designation requires companies to adhere to strict requirements for both human and environmental health. This can include manufacturing process, what kind of product is being produced, and the lifespan of said product. Established by the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability, there are over 50 individual standards to draw from.

This certification is important to us and how we do business. The Pacific Northwest is where we work, where we live, and where we play. If we can make changes to how we operate to help keep the region the natural wonderland it is, we will. And we did.

Part of that includes working with partners who hold the same sustainable beliefs. From where we get our concrete to where we get our machinery, we’ve done the research to make sure sustainable practices are observed all along the way. To read more about SMaRT certification, click here.

Ash Grove Logo

Ash Grove Cement Company

Ash Grove’s board of directors decided decades ago that it would adhere to high standards that help to protect the environment and promote the safety and health of our employees. We go to great lengths to produce consistent, quality cement that meets ASTM, AASHTO and NSF drinking water specifications from the only cement manufacturing plant local to Oregon.

The finished cement is then transported via rail from Durkee, OR to the Ash Grove terminal in Portland on Swan Island. Bulk pneumatic trucks that are dispatched are then loaded with around 35 tons of cement for delivery to Columbia Precast plant in Woodland, WA to be offloaded into their silos.

In addition, Ash Grove is the only domestic cement manufacturer to have its entire fleet to clinker manufacturing facilities to earn the prestigious ISO 14001 certification. This designation sets requirements for an environmental management system that’s endorsed by both the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Portland Cement Association. Learn more about Ash Grove Cement Company and what we’re doing to create a more sustainable planet.

Columbia Logo

Columbia Machine, Inc.

Columbia Machine has provided a state-of-the-art control system for Columbia Precast Products’ new batch plant in Woodland, WA. Columbia Machine supplied an array of equipment to ensure the production of the highest quality precast products from multiple mixer stations. Equipment such as a custom Motor Control Panel configured for up to 38 motors and future capacity capabilities, the Batchmatic G2 Automation system with SQL database and 24/7 remote connectivity. All of this came enclosed in a completely custom, pre-fabricated and pre-terminated control room that arrived on the site ready to install reducing installation time and expenses. The entire plant can be monitored remotely through mobile devices to ensure maximum production and complete plant observation.

Our welders use pulse welding and wire feed welding which save energy, produce less pollution and require fewer man hours to clean welds. In addition, we provides heating and lighting retrofits for every office and manufacturing area, which saves some $75,000 per year. Through the united expertise and ingenuity of this partnership, Columbia Precast Products, LLC and Columbia Machine, Inc. have succeeded in making the most advanced precast plant in the industry.

Haarup Logo


Haarup supplied a fully automated batching and mixing plant to Columbia Precast Products in the past year alone. The plant has 4 aggregate bins, each holding approximately 60 tons. A reversible weigh belt that delivers the aggregates to each of the two 2-yard mixers, at which 2 different types of cement is batched for each mixer. All belts and aggregate bins are hot-galvanized for a long lifetime; making it a modern and high-quality plant that ensures Columbia Precast Products can supply high quality precast products to its customers for many years.

Haarup is known for supplying expertise and superior quality products by utilizing the latest technologies. At the same time, following standard procedures to protect the environment is very important to us. In Denmark, we’ve installed solar panels on the roof of our building, which provide enough electricity for the office and production. Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the high-quality and long lifetimes of our products, which reduce waste and energy for the years to come. Also, the machines we operate throughout our production are all highly efficient. Maintaining the reputation as industry leaders, Haarup will continue to develop our products and production to raise more concrete producers to higher standards.

Hawkeye Pedershaab Logo


HawkeyePedershaab is the world leader in providing innovative solutions to manufacturers of concrete pipes, manholes, and other precast products. From simple stand-alone machines to fully automated plants incorporating the latest electronics, robotics, and control technology, HawkeyePedershaab produces a total family of solutions.

HawkeyePedershaab was proud to work with Columbia Precast for their new plant and supplied machines, forms, and equipment for the project. The HawkeyePedershaab PipePlusPlus machine, Vibration Table with Manhole Flat Top forms, 48” Manhole Riser and Eccentric Manhole Cone Equipment, 48” Monolithic Manhole Base Form Equipment with Rotational Production Module and Monolithic Catch Basin Form Equipment were supplied to Columbia Precast for their plant development. This set of products from HawkeyePedershaab enables Columbia Precast to efficiently produce precast concrete manholes and monolithic bases of the highest quality and standard in the industry.



At BASF, we are consistently looking for new and innovative ways to produce concrete that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective to ultimately shrink our carbon footprint. For example, our sustainable concrete mix greatly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide produced and is actually makes the building more structurally sound. Our cement process also releases less by-product materials that usually end up in a landfill. In addition, our cement is created with certain filler materials that would otherwise be trashed and ultimately degrade the environment. It’s no easy task to produce sustainable results, but we do it proudly every day at BASF.


RimRiser has developed a solution for setting castings and precast tops to grade that is so Simple, Fast, and Accurate, you’ll never do it the old way again. RimRiser for metal castings and precast tops makes installation as easy as turning a screw. The superior installation method saves time, labor, and resources in the field for new projects and requires less traffic interruption for pavement repairs. RimRiser is made in the USA and easily integrates into the current production processes at foundries and precasters. RimRiser reduces the risk of injury and structures can be set to final grade by one installer.

CPP helped RimRiser develop its solution for precast and now offers a full line of RimRiser ready manhole covers, inlet grates and precast tops. Together CPP and RimRiser are changing the way drainage and utility structures are set to grade. Saving labor, time, and money for CPP customers.