The Precast Concrete Construction Process

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Modern futuristic concrete tunnel to illustrate The Precast Concrete Construction Process

At Columbia Precast Products, the precast concrete construction process begins when we set up the forms (molds) so that the concrete can be poured into them. After the curing process, the precast concrete can then be transported to construction sites throughout the region.

At that point in the precast concrete process, the precast concrete products are installed. Precast makes it easy and fast for the installation, helping keep the construction sites moving and the economy humming.

Humans have been building structures with concrete for literally thousands of years. One of the reasons for its longevity is, of course, its longevity. Many concrete structures from ages and civilizations past are still standing to this very day.

Concrete is durable and can last for hundreds of years with little to no maintenance or upkeep. The precast concrete construction process and the precast concrete products themselves ensure the timely delivery and installation of the precast concrete components.

Our plants are staffed with concrete production experts who keep a watchful eye on the process. The advantages of precast concrete building include reproducibility and high-quality precast structures in place of less flexible, cast in situ concrete.

Precast Concrete Construction Process

Columbia Precast Products prepares the forms, pours the mixed concrete, and then sets it aside to cure. Our batching processes (i.e., the mixing of the raw material) includes a sampling process. This ensures the strength and integrity of the precast concrete structures and each individual structural member.

The result is precast concrete for a tremendous variety of structures and customizable for each individual project and/or client. Whether it’s a retaining wall, railroad crossing, a culvert, or a catch basin, our work leaves the facility ready for installation and built to last, with steel reinforcements ensuring the integrity of the whole concrete structural systems.

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