Precast Construction Methods at Columbia Precast Products

3d illustration of building construction over blueprints background to illustrate Precast Construction Methods

At Columbia Precast Products, we have it made. We’re smack dab in the heart of one of the most vibrant and beautiful regions of the country. And we’re smack dab in the middle of a precast concrete revolution that has our production facility operating at full capacity. Let us know what you need and we’ll have it made — customized for your precise requirements and produced and reproduced at the drop of a hat. We have quick turnarounds, a tremendous product line, and the best customer service in the industry. As for our precast construction methods — well, let us tell you a little about that.

Columbia Precast: Our Precast Construction Methods

The first thing to know about our precast construction methods is that we’re as green as green can be.

Our precast products are made with natural and raw materials, and they’re free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Furthermore, the products are chemically inert and feature the longest life cycle of any sewer, water, utility, storm drain system product.

We’re rigorous about these eco-friendly production practices. In fact, we were the first precast plant in the buried infrastructure industry to earn the Sustainable Materials Rating Technology (SMaRT) certification (Platinum level).

Our precast construction methods keep these things at the forefront throughout the production process. From design and engineering to the casting of the forms and the mixing of the concrete itself, we think green.

About Precast Concrete

Columbia’s precast concrete structures are all around us here in the Pacific Northwest. Fired good and strong in a controlled environment, the concrete comes in many forms.

Structural elements can include rebar embedded in the concrete for reinforcing concrete before shipping to job sites. For many manufacturers, precast components include structural frames, wall panels for precast concrete buildings and other structural systems.

At Columbia Precast Products, the items we deliver to precast concrete construction sites include those buried infrastructure elements mentioned above. These include a tremendous variety of products, including many different forms of prestressed concrete.

It’s called precast simply because we cast it in the precast yard and then deliver it to the job site where it is put in place. This differs from pour-in-place precast construction methods. Those involve concrete poured into forms and cured at the site instead of elsewhere in a casting yard.

Precast construction methods, precast concrete elements, and precast concrete members allow for a wide variety of customized forms — from beam columns to box culverts. Structural members can be produced on demand and are ready to be utilized as soon as they’re dropped off at the construction site.

Columbia Precast Products Works For You

Columbia Precast Products is based in the wonderful Pacific Northwest — Woodland, Washington, to be exact. We aim to continue growing and expanding as we produce sustainable concrete forms for contractors and other consumers.

Columbia Precast Products is ready to work for you.