Standing water can cause minor complications – such as a soaked shoe – or extremely scary situations, such as hydroplaning in the car while going 50 miles an hour. Used at the edges of a roadway, in parking lots, as well as green spaces such as parks or golf courses, 24-inch manhole area drains are used to combat standing water.

Columbia Precast manholes see a lot of use in parking lots, along roadways, and other places where stormwater needs to be removed. While Perfect Base manholes are gaining in popularity within sewer systems, manholes with a monobase are still standard for stormwater control and area drains.

Precast 24-inch manhole area drains are an effective way to take stormwater away from critical areas. Depending on where they are placed, these manholes are covered with either a flat grate or a “beehive” grate that looks like a dome. These beehive grates are usually seen in low spots of greenspaces to keep garbage, leaves, and other debris out of the manhole. For additional specs, consult the .pdf below or download it here.

Manufacturing Precast Manholes

By using precast 24-inch manhole area drain, you’ll save time and money when considering the overall cost. For example, with a precast area drain, it’s ready to be installed with the excavation is complete. Once in place and attached to the stormwater system, it can be backfilled the same day and your project stays on schedule.

At Columbia Precast, we can produce standard size 24-inch manholes (from one foot to eight feet deep) as well as traditional or custom pipe entrances and exits. You give us the specifications and we’ll get you the area drain you’ll need. Our 24-inch manhole will still adhere to all ASTM-C478 specifications, requirements, and codes.

With pour in place, conditions need to be ideal for the best results. Frames need to be placed and secured, and the concrete poured. Then the waiting begins – up to a week in some cases – to let the concrete harden, remove the frames, and get strength tested. Then backfilling can begin and the project can move forward.

Doesn’t it make sense to work as fast as you can while still retaining the highest standards? If you have a public or private need for 24-inch manhole area drains, reach out to Columbia Precast Products. We have more than 180 years of experience in our management team and look forward to working with you.

24″ Manhole – Area Drain