Ideal for stormwater filtration, electrical wiring, or telecommunications cables, the 466-23 vault is big enough for many projects but small enough to go almost anywhere. For use in public and private sectors, Columbia Precast vaults are made to meet and exceed municipal codes and requirements throughout Oregon and Washington.

The 466-23 vault is very adaptable. Created with four strut channels (one on each side), multiple knockouts, and outfitted with safety ladders, the vault can be used for many applications. Other features include an 8-inch diameter sump and anchor holes for easy installation. Take a look at the .pdf for a complete schematic for the 466-23 vault.

Advantages of Columbia Precast Vaults

While precast is the most used building material throughout the world, not all concrete is the same. Pour in place concrete is a durable alternative to precast, but time, environment, and other factors could mean missed deadlines and compromised strength. With precast concrete from Columbia Precast Products, none of that is a concern.

Controlled Facility – Our plant was designed to allow us to create vaults, manholes, and catch basins all day, every day. The mixing, pouring, and casting processes are all protected from outside influences to make sure we get a quality product every time. Columbia Precast monitors every batch from start to finish and strength tests every piece before it leaves the facility.

Longevity – Concrete is naturally strong and made to stand up to whatever Mother Nature has to offer, including animal infestations. New products, such as antimicrobial additives, are protecting concrete from the indie as well. This combination of the old and the new is what makes concrete such an attractive material.

Sustainability – Concrete itself is a very sustainable product, using natural and raw materials to create a very durable product. For Columbia Precast, sustainability goes beyond the strength of the concrete. We were the first buried infrastructure plant to earn SMaRT certification in the United States.

In addition to building a strong product – made to last up to a century – our facility reduces less waste, sending less material to landfills. We choose our partners based on quality materials, shared beliefs, and even location. If we can get the same materials 50 miles closer, that cuts down on delivery truck emissions. After all, every little bit counts. In many public projects, this eye towards the environment is a requirement during the bidding process.

Ready When You Are – What really gives precast concrete an edge is its availability. Because we can create a manhole well before it’s needed, it will already be strength tested and ready as soon as the excavation is done. You won’t have to wait for forms, pouring, and hardening before moving on to the next phase.

If you need electrical or water vaults that meet WSDOT or ODOT specifications in various sizes, contact Columbia Precast Products. You’ll stay on budget and on deadline. We look forward to hearing from you.

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