Precast concrete vaults have several uses, from water treatment and filtering to housing telecommunication wiring junctions and electrical panels. Built from long-lasting, durable and virtually maintenance-free concrete, Columbia Precast 554-13 vaults are made to last for decades.

For the most part, all of our vaults and vault covers are equipped with lifting anchors for easy installation. Depending on what the vault is used for, we can add knockouts and channel struts to all four walls as well as safety ladders or rungs. Although the 554-13 vault is only about 3 ½ feet deep, there may still be an occasion to enter the vault and investigate an issue.

For more specifications, click here to download the schematic .pdf.

Produced in a Controlled Facility

Columbia Precast Products is able to mix, pour, and cast our vaults well before our customers need them thanks to our controlled facility. No matter what the weather is like outside, we’re able to produce piece after piece, hour after hour. Because our plant is unaffected by the outside environment, we’re able to produce quality products every single time.

We monitor the process all along the way, testing each batch of concrete we mix. We are able to strength test all of our pieces before they leave the facility, ensuring our products will perform just as they are supposed to.

With enough lead time, we’re able to have your vaults ready well before you need them, too. They’ll be ready when you’re ready. However, our facility is also equipped for quick turnaround times, too. In fact, if you need one of the more common vaults, we may have some ready to go. Feel free to contact us and we’ll do what we can to help out your project.

554-13 Vault