With more than 150 years of combined precasting experience, Columbia Precast Products manufactures all manners of buried infrastructure products. As one of the strongest materials on earth, concrete is built to withstand the pressures of being buried as well as tons of stress from overhead.

Along with durability, our utility vaults are also quite versatile. Made with several knockouts, strut channels, lifting eyes, and safety accessories, our vaults can be made to your exact specifications as well as Oregon and Washington State Department of Transportation agencies.

These vaults can be used for wet applications, such as water retention, water treatment, or to house water meters. More involved uses include filtration services, oil and grease separators, and even septic tanks. As we said – versatile. Because these vaults are watertight, they’re also ideal for dry situations as well.

Need a way to protect control panels for buried electrical wiring or telecommunication cabling? Columbia Precast Products make utility vaults with shelving to hold different components. While the 556 utility vault is large enough for a worker to access, we also make much larger vaults for larger junction points.

Easy Installation

What makes precast products so attractive at the job site is they are made well before they’re needed. Instead of waiting for conditions to be right for poured-in-place concrete, precast products can be delivered as soon as the excavation and bedding process is complete.

Each vault has lifting anchors at each corner for easy lifting and placing. Columbia Precast Products will deliver the vaults and a contractor will use an on-site crane to lift and then lower the vault into place. Once set, backfilling can begin and the project can move forward.

In some cases, panel vaults will be needed in tight spots or hard to excavate areas. Columbia Precast Products will deliver the pieces and help guide the installation and assembly of the panel vault. We even make custom vaults to fit difficult locations, engineered to retain its strength.

Help Your Bid with a Green Product

The Pacific Northwest is known for its natural beauty as well as the efforts to keep it that way. While many industries are beginning to lean towards green or sustainable materials and processes, concrete has always been a leader in that respect. Using raw and all-natural products, concrete contains no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free and is chemically inert.

Many, if not all, city and county jurisdiction in Washington and Oregon states require environmentally sound processes or products when possible on public bids. When ordering a vault structure from Columbia Precast concrete products, you’ll be able to meet those requirements, making your bid more attractive.

Columbia Precast Products was the first underground utility equipment plant to earn SMaRT Certification in the United States. Other industries are starting to follow suit, but we’re proud to be a leader in our industry. Our Platinum designation is the highest level achieved for all buried pipeline products.

We choose partners based on their product as well as their location. If we can lower emissions just a bit with every delivery, we’ll do it. Our controlled facility cuts down on waste as we’re able to recycle wastewater and other debris, keeping it out of landfills. And, of course, we work with one of the most environmentally friendly products on earth.

Preparing to make a bid on a large public or private project involving buried infrastructure? In addition to utility vaults, Columbia Precast Products also manufactures manholes, wet wells, catch basins, and more all to exact WSDOT and ODOT specifications. Contact Columbia Precast today and see how we can help.

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