Precast concrete vaults can be used for a wide variety of applications, from water retention structures to housing telecommunication lines. One of the more adaptable products we offer, our vaults are made with several knockouts, strut channels, and safety features for a range of applications.

Although this vault measures seven by five feet and five feet deep, we create utility vaults in several sizes. Whether it’s a combination of several larger vaults for holding water or a smaller vault easy to access electrical panels, Columbia Precast Products will manufacture exactly what you need.

In difficult to excavate or tight areas, Columbia Precast Products has the ability to create panel vaults that are delivered in pieces and assembled on site. Our engineers are also adept at working with non-traditional sizes that still meet all ODOT and WSDOT specifications. These are perfect examples of value-added engineering that we provide for clients that need it.

Advantages of Precast Concrete

While the cost of precast may be more than other materials or poured in place concrete, ease of installation, less maintenance, and durability will save time money in the long run. With precast underground utility equipment and accessories, your infrastructure will require fewer repairs, upgrades, or replacements.

Beyond that, precast concrete is also a very eco-friendly product. In fact, Columbia Precast Products was the first buried infrastructure plant in the U.S. to earn SMaRT Certification. Not only is that good for the environment, but it can also go a long way to seeing your bid accepted by local and regional entities for public projects.

Protecting the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest has been a concern for decades in Washington and Oregon jurisdiction. In almost every case, general contractors need to include “green” materials or processes to qualify. The Columbia Precast plant was designed with those specifications in mind.

The facility is completely controlled, meaning we can produce manholes, catch basins, and vaults 365 days a year. Saving wastewater and other materials for reuse means less debris in the landfills and using less material overall. Our products last a century, meaning fewer replacements and, again, less material is needed.

All of our materials are raw and naturally occurring and we’ve chosen our vendors and partners based on locality. It may seem like a little thing. But if we’re able to cut down emissions by cutting delivery distance, it’s an easy choice for us.

SMaRT certified, durable, efficient, and ready when you are. No matter if you need precast concrete utility vaults, dry wells, or custom pieces for an upcoming project, contact Columbia Precast. We’ll create standard sizes or custom products based on your specifications and engineered for strength.

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