Often used in larger construction projects, vaults are designed for several different applications. In areas where an overflow of water can be an issue, water vaults allow for liquid to be taken away from the surface and dispersed or stored for later use. Buried vaults are preferable to open-air holding ponds because they can be protected from insects, animals, and other pests.

Utility vaults are an ideal solution for junction points or terminal ends for a variety of services. Natural gas lines, electrical panels, and telecommunication wiring are well-protected and easy to access in precast vaults. With the addition of safety ladders, grab bars, strut channels, and knockout, precast utility vaults can be as versatile as needed.

The 675-23 vault measures 7 feet by 5 ½ feet and 4 ½ feet deep on the interior. This leaves plenty of room for electrical equipment, cleanouts, or valves as well as access for service, repair, or maintenance. Multiple struts can be added to the interior walls and 18-inch knockouts can be added to each wall.

Because of their adaptability, precast vaults can be used in many different situations. These vaults are great for business parks, large industrial facilities, or as part of a large subdivision infrastructure. Download the .pdf below for other specifications or contact us for more information.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Vaults

When managing a large construction project, a lot of little delays can result in big deadlines being missed. When working with buried infrastructure, the ability to save time can mitigate other setbacks elsewhere at the job site. As a general contractor, precast concrete can save time and, in turn, money.

While pour-in-place concrete is still a viable solution, precast vaults are ready when you are. Working from specifications you provide, Columbia Precast Products mixes, pours, and casts your vaults well before they are needed for installation. This means we can test for strength before the vaults ever leave our environmentally controlled facility.

When excavation is complete, the vaults can be put in place and backfilling can begin. In difficult situations where installing a complete vault is troublesome, Columbia Precast Products will cast panel vaults, individual pieces to be assembled in place. In either case, you’ll save days, even weeks, over pour in place solutions.

Concrete also saves the owner money in the long term over other materials. When properly cast and installed, concrete vaults can last for a century with minimal maintenance.

Have a large scale project on the horizon requiring vaults or other buried infrastructure? Consider Columbia Precast Products. We are equally adept at creating standard as well as custom pieces, all of which exceed Oregon Department of Transportation and Washington State Department of Transportation requirements.

675-23 Vault