When it comes to standard vault sizes, the 676-23 vault is one of the largest Columbia Precast Products manufacturers. With this size (outer dimensions 6’-4” by 7’-10” and a depth of 6’-8”), there are several ways you can use this vault. Their longevity, water-tightness, and relative ease of installation, our vaults are popular for both public and private uses.

Vaults are primarily used for liquid applications like wet wells, water meters, and valve chambers. Treatment vaults are also popular choices for treatment plants, grease interceptors, and other media filtration uses. In some cases, these vaults are used as septic tanks when residential homes can’t reach public utilities.

However, this vault isn’t strictly for “wet” uses. As business parks, industrial facilities, and other larger buildings are upgraded, the need for underground electrical wiring, networking, and telecommunication cables grows. Newer buildings already feature buried infrastructure like this because they protect sensitive wiring from the elements (as well as animals that might chew on the cables).

Columbia Precast Products produces the 676-23 vault with several options to make it as versatile as possible. Because of its depth, access ladders, safety nets, and ladder-up safety posts, are recommended. A galvanized access hatch provides security and a 12-inch sump at the bottom collects unwanted moisture. Click here to download a complete blueprint of the 676-23 vault.

Why Precast Vaults?

If you need a vault this size for your project, chances are it’s a pretty big job. There are a lot of moving parts – and a lot of things that could cause delays. Nothing affects the bottom line like wasted time or missed deadlines. With precast vaults, you can be assured timelines will be met.

Why? With enough lead time, Columbia Precast can manufacture all of the vaults you need well before you need them. This includes all of the features and strength testing required to meet code. Depending on the size of the order and which vault you need, we may be able to get you one in just a few days.

Installation can happen as soon as the excavation is complete and proper bedding for the vault is put in place. Then it’s just a matter of using a crane to lower the vault into place, connecting to the system, and backfilling (if applicable). The project stays on deadline and you can move on to the phase.
If there are issues with the installation – either working within existing construction or obstructions in the earth – Columbia Precast also produces panel vaults that can be assembled in place. With more than 140 years of experience in the precast industry, we’ll be able to engineer solutions to infrastructure problems you may encounter.

Have a large construction project that requires buried infrastructure? Contact Columbia Precast Products to see how we can help. In addition to vaults, we also produce various manholes, catch basins, wet wells, and more custom precast products. Use our experience and knowledge to your advantage.

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