Columbia Precast Products are all around you. In fact, our concrete catch basins are integral parts of much of the public and private infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest. Trace the storm-drain system to its starting point, and you’re likely to find our products, including the ODOT G2 Catch Basin with Ditch Inlet.

This marvel of precision concrete engineering helps keep roadways passable by eliminating standing water and reducing the threat of flooding. Columbia’s catch basins and inlets are thus key components of our drainage system infrastructure.

Manufactured in our Southwest Washington plant, our precast concrete products are resilient, impenetrable, and made from sustainable and economical materials. These are just a few of the reasons why our catch basins remain the most popular storm drain products in the marketplace.

For rough and rugged — not to mention wet and ground-saturated — winters in the Pacific Northwest, the ODOT G2 Catch Basin with Ditch Inlet is perfectly suited for drainage. Our concrete drainage products are long-term, economical solutions for stormwater management.

And they’re not just for roads; catch basins and ditch inlets help drain parks and green spaces, parking lots, sports fields, and so much more high and dry — or low and dry, as the case may be.

G2 Catch Basin and Ditch Inlet

This precast concrete product features lifting holes for both the 1,500-pound ditch inlet and the 3,050-pound catch basin. The ODOT Type D Ditch Inlet is provided with an OSHD Type 2 frame and grate.

Purchasers should note that the G2 Catch Basin and Ditch Inlet meets or exceeds ODOT standard drawing No. RD370. When examining the product PDF, keep in mind that all dimensions indicated are subject to allowable tolerances.

If you have any questions about this or any of our other precast concrete products at Columbia, there are several ways to reach our helpful and responsive team members.

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