Catch basins are used alongside roadways, greenspaces, and other areas where stormwater can gather and cause unsafe conditions. These basins take the water and through a series of pipes, to a wastewater terminal of some sort. Removable grates are used as access points to clear any blockages that may occur.

The Oregon Department of Transportation CG2 catch basin has a unique feature not found in all catch basins. Instead of being flush with the roadway, the grate of the catch basin is elevated to curb height and pushed back to become part of the sidewalk. This leaves a gap in the sidewalk for stormwater to enter. To prevent larger debris from getting swept into the system, a series of tines act as a fence.

These catch basins or inlets are just under four-feet deep, although a riser can be added to increase the depth six or 12 inches. Like most catch basins and inlets, lifting eyes and knockouts on all four sides make for easy lifting and installation.

If your buried infrastructure project requires this type of catch basin, consider Columbia Precast Products. We’re experienced working with ODOT and building the CG2 to exact specifications. Because our products are made well before the installation date, our catch basins ready when you are.

An Eye on the Environment

Using eco-friendly materials and processes are becoming a construction staple in the Pacific Northwest. In many cases, city and county jurisdictions demand environmental considerations when it comes to new construction as well as retrofits. Columbia Precast Products has been ahead of the curve in this respect, becoming the first buried infrastructure facility to earn SMaRT Certification in the United States.

That means our products, processes, and even partners are geared towards sustainable practices. The product itself is made from raw and naturally occurring materials and built to last 100 years. Concrete is nearly maintenance free, mitigating the need for repairs every few decades like other materials.

Our facility is designed to reduce waste whenever possible. Because of the controlled environment, we’re able to monitor mixing, pouring, and strengthening every step of the way. If there is waste during the manufacturing of our pieces, Columbia Precast Products is able to capture it and reuse it.

We choose our partners as carefully as we make our products. From value systems to location, we take everything into consideration when choosing our vendors. This is one of the factors that went into earning our certification.

Just know when you use Columbia Precast catch basins, you’ll be satisfying local building codes as well as receiving environmentally sound components. If you need to install or replace a catch basin as part of your project, give us a call. We’re ready to help.

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