The primary use of a catch basin is to help manage stormwater around roadways and other areas where standing water can be problematic. The top of the basin is covered by a grate, usually placed at grade level. Although the area around the grate may be sloped towards the basin slightly, acting as a funnel.

The catch basin is just one part of a stormwater management system. When stormwater fills a basin to a certain point, the water then moves down a series of pipes before ending up at a treatment center or other destination. The WSDOT Type 1L catch basin has a base of 18 inches to allow for heavier debris to collect instead of being sent down the line.

The basin itself is just under 4 feet tall, although the depth of the component can be increased another 30 inches with a 6-inch reducing slab and adjustable riser. The grate can be cast directly into the top frame of the catch basin or can be made removable.

The WSDOT Type 1L also has the standard features, including lift eyes and knockouts on all four sides. Working extensively within the state of Washington, Columbia Precast Products is familiar with all Washington State Department of Transportation codes and regulations for buried infrastructure.

Easy To Install

As with almost any buried infrastructure, time is of the essence. Closing down a road for any amount of time can cause backups, delays, and a lot of honking horns. While we can’t help with angry motorists, we can make your job faster.

As soon as the excavation is complete, Columbia Precast Concrete can have your catch basin on site and ready to go. Our controlled facility allows us to build the catch basins well before you need it. All catch basin specifications are checked and strength tested before they ever leave the building.

Once in place and connected to the rest of the system, backfilling and grading can begin. Columbia Precast Products catch basins are also environmentally sound. As many Washington cities and counties adopt eco-friendly practices, our basins may put your project bid at the top of the list.

Working a buried infrastructure job that requires a few – or many – WSDOT Type 1L catch basins? Contact Columbia Precast Products for an estimate. We already have the plans on hand and will get you the pieces you need when you need them. We look forward to hearing from you.

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W.S.D.O.T. - Type 1L Catch Basin