Among the most highly regarded and ingenious items available from Columbia Precast Products is an oil/water structure in which baffles catch oil and sediment. Precast concrete oil/water separators and baffles are worth examining in some detail.

Photo of a precast concrete baffleBaffle-type oil/water separators are used in watertight vaults. These vaults have several compartments or bays that are separated by the baffles, which extend from the vault top.

Baffles prevent oil from exiting the separator. In some systems, mechanisms known as skinners remove any oil collected at the surface.

Additional baffles are located at the vault bottom. These trap sediment that accumulates there.

Baffles, then, are merely dividing walls within the greater structure, functioning as part of our region’s water management systems. They filter debris and contaminants from runoff.

Columbia Precast Products

Columbia Precast Products’ contribution to the stewardship of our shared environment and resources is twofold. First, our precast concrete separators and interceptors are produced using SMaRT Certified technology and procedures. Second, the design of these oil and water filters and interceptors themselves work to remove pollutants and other particulates from stormwater runoff.

SMaRT Certification means you can partner with us for all your buried infrastructure needs. We were the first precast concrete plant in the buried infrastructure field to earn such recognition. We were designated as a “Platinum” producer, the highest level achievable.

Our concrete products consist of natural and raw materials. They’re chemically inert and free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). They also achieve the longest life cycle of any product designed for water utility systems.

Long story short: We run our operations sustainably run. This provides long-lasting benefits for the environment, the economy, and our communities.

Precast Concrete: Separators and Baffles

Our precast concrete separators with baffles filter both large and small debris from stormwater runoff. We can design filters perfectly suited to the size of your particular application. They are efficient, durable, and require virtually no maintenance.

You can customize and reproduce these products, which make up part of a larger stormwater management and wastewater disposal system. When you order, we can manufacture them with a wide array of features and add-ons to fit your particular needs.

You can be sure that our precast concrete products meet or exceed the required loading conditions. They’re watertight. And we’ll deliver them to your site ready for installation.

Experience and Expertise

Our experienced crews of precast concrete experts are ready to work on your project. We oversee each and every aspect of construction. We provide consistency of operations and quality products. These attributes and others make us the premier delivery team for precast concrete filters and interceptors.

Finally, we wanted to mention the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982. This “Buy America” provision provides a level of preference for domestically produced goods.

In many cases, projects receiving government funding must buy American products. We work hard to make it easy for local governments and municipalities to use “Buy America” products.

The responsibility for such standards falls on the shoulders of companies who are recipients of government funding and grants. When you partner with Columbia Precast Products, you’ll know for sure that you’re getting the greenest American-made concrete available just about anywhere.

We’re based right here in the beautiful and bountiful Pacific Northwest, so you don’t have to go far to get the infrastructure products you need.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding product specs or guidelines. If you need any additional guidance or recommendations, we’re here to help.

We produce sand traps, grease traps, oil and grease interceptors, and other storm water, waste water and sanitary sewer system applications. We also produce a wide range of other products. Catch basins, high-flow storm and water piping, plus other sand, oil, and interceptor products.

We look forward to partnering with you.