Ecology blocks are an effective and attractive way to hold back dirt, solidify hillsides, or enhance outdoor living spaces. These concrete building blocks can be contoured to fit the landscaping or in a straight line for more streamlined applications. These large blocks are manufactured to fit seamlessly together for easy installation.

Ecology blocks are used in retaining walls, gravity walls, and even sound walls along major roadways where excavation was needed. Columbia Precast Concrete can help with any job as retaining wall blocks can be made in different sizes. This gives you added flexibility during the design phase of the project.

Stone Strong Products

Ecology Block retaining wall by Columbia Precast ProductsWe are the lone manufacturer of Stone Strong products in Washington and Oregon. These are the largest concrete blocks on the market, which allows you to create retaining walls much faster. However, bigger doesn’t have to mean heavier. These blocks are architecturally designed to be lighter so smaller machines can install them.

These wall blocks come in several styles, ideal for residential, commercial, and even highway use. Click here for more information about Stone Strong concrete retaining wall blocks and wall systems.

Built to last

When installing a retaining wall, you don’t want to worry about constant maintenance. Changing a few blocks out in your front yard is one thing. Dealing with a 20-foot high stone retaining wall is something else entirely. With Columbia Precast products, your walls will last decades and decades.

We can make this claim because of our manufacturing process. All of our precast pieces are made in a controlled environment so our mixing, pouring, and curing processes are protected. Our products are tested before leaving the facility, ensuring maximum strength is achieved. All you have to do is put it in place and move on to the next phase of your job.

SMaRT Certified

We were the first buried infrastructure precast plant to earn SMaRT certification. What does that mean? It means we manufacture products that are very durable, our facility practices sustainable processes, we reuse waste products and much more.

We are very proud of our designation and work hard to live up to those standards. Click here to learn more about our SMaRT certification.

Ecology block and retaining walls can add a touch of class to your commercial or industrial facilities. We are the only Stone Strong manufacturer in Washington and Oregon. This means we can provide the largest blocks on the market that are also lightweight.

Our products are durable, easy to install, and ready when you are. If you’re working with a large-scale retaining wall project, contact Columbia Precast Products today.