Precast concrete’s versatility is just one of the many attributes that make it such an integral part of modern construction and infrastructure projects. Our precast concrete oil/water separators are a good example of this versatility.

Oil/water separators help prevent oil in stormwater runoff from ever infiltrating local water and sewage systems. As part of an overall water treatment system, precast concrete oil/water separators protect systems from surface water pollution. They’re built to last, requiring little if any maintenance throughout their operational life.

Basically, oil/water separators harness the natural forces at play whenever and wherever stormwater runoff is redirected. And they make up a good part of our larger catalog of concrete vault applications.

rain puddles on a pavement in city to illustrate precast concrete oil water separatorsColumbia Precast Products’ oil/water separator is a specialized vault designed to intercept and separate oil and grease from stormwater runoff so that it doesn’t pollute our water or sewer systems. Its ingenious design is a marvel of simplicity; gravity does most of the work.

These titanic and durable precast concrete separators are the perfectly engineered solution for locales requiring strict adherence to environmental laws regarding effluent management.

Stormwater management is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement, which is why our customizable and reproducible forms are found throughout the region. We can deliver precast concrete oil/water separators in a wide range of sizes and capacities.

For nonpotable water treatment, processing, and additional solutions, precast concrete vaults are ideal. And our product line is expansive enough to include everything from powerful and efficient precast oil/water separators to the most complex concrete filtering systems.

Columbia Precast Products

Columbia Precast Products’ crew of concrete experts design, engineer, and manufacture precast concrete products on site and then deliver them wherever they are needed. We control every phase of the process, ensuring consistency of product.

The strength and reliability of precast concrete are renowned. Builders can be certain that our concrete products are able to support heavy surface loads. This means they are perfect for installation beneath parking lots, driveways, and other surface features.

Best of all, precast concrete oil/water separators are built in full in our facility and then installed directly at the construction site. No more worrying about delays between production, shipment, and installation.

Finally, as with all our concrete products, we build them using eco-friendly and environmentally conscious materials and processes. Our products are safe for all installations, whether above or below ground.

So even if your project requires custom engineering and installation solutions, we can deliver for you. The addition of available water-tight pipe penetrations, custom coatings and linings, and other features provide workable solutions and peace of mind.

We were the first underground utility equipment plant to earn SMaRT Certification. In fact, our Platinum designation represents the highest level possible for buried infrastructure products.

Get in touch with Columbia Precast Products if you have any questions about specs or guidelines. We look forward to working with you on all your vault, separators, coalescing plate, and other stormwater projects.