Although 3-sided precast bridges are often used to allow heavy equipment, machinery, or vehicle cross gullies or other depressions, that isn’t their only use. They can be used for livestock crossings, culverts for new drainage ditches, or as a way to handle stormwater runoff, especially when used in a split box culvert. There are also many advantages to a precast concrete pedestrian bridge.

An overlooked aspect of precast concrete bridges is moving people from one side of the road to the other. Whether using it as an overpass or as a way to cross under a road, precast concrete pedestrian bridges are designed to handle the stresses from above while providing cover to those below.

Advantages Of Precast Concrete Pedestrian Bridges

Longevity: In buried infrastructure applications, precast concrete is made to last a century. It’s no different for pedestrian bridges as foot traffic is much lighter than vehicle traffic. Even if the bridge is used as an underpass with cars, trucks, etc. traveling overhead, the bridges have been engineered to stand the test of time.

Ease Of Use: One of the more attractive qualities of precast pedestrian bridges is how fast they can be installed. Once the excavation is over and the bedding and footings are in place, the bridge can be installed. There is no waiting for forms to be built, reinforcing steel to set up, or time for strengthening.

Low Maintenance: Precast pedestrian bridges need very little maintenance, impervious to the heat of summer, the rain of spring, and the cold or ice of winter. The material won’t rot, is impervious to fire, and repels pest infestation. When set in place and backfilled, there is very little to do when it comes to upkeep. Using headwalls and wing walls will strengthen the bridge as well as keep the surrounding earth in place.

Additional Advantages

Ready When You Are: With enough lead time, your precast pedestrian bridge will be ready when you are. Instead of planning or scheduling time for pour in place concrete, we will deliver the finished product the day you need it. Once you put it in place, backfilling can begin.

Consistent Quality: Because all of our products are created in a controlled facility, every step of the process is under our watchful eye. Mixing, pouring, and strengthening all happen away from the elements. That way, we can be up and running 365 days a year. We are able to provide you with pedestrian bridges that meet your exact specifications.

Sustainability: For all of the reasons above, precast concrete is considered a “green” product. It’s longevity, use of raw and natural materials, and little need for repair means that fewer materials need to be produced. Very little waste goes to the landfills and precast concrete doesn’t offset any gasses.

Our focus is on using locally sourced materials and working with local vendors to cut down on delivery emissions. Columbia Precast Products was the first buried infrastructure plant to earn SMaRT Certification in the U.S. This designation means our products are good for our environment and good for our clients.

Do you have an upcoming project that needs a precast concrete pedestrian bridge? Contact Columbia Precast Products today. Our management team and crews have more than 150 years of experience. Rest assured your order is in good hands. We look forward to hearing from you.