If a culvert is being used to support infrastructure, that usually means drainage issues are present. Precast concrete box culverts are the main component of a drainage system, but in some cases, wing walls are also necessary. Used both as an inlet and outlet, wing walls help direct water and acts as erosion control.

Culverts, wing walls, and aprons all come together to provide additional strength to the roadway above and the graded earth around it. Very similar to retaining walls, wing walls can be made in various sizes, depending on the size of the culvert and potential volume of water it will disperse.

While there are many configurations of wing walls, they usually extend out at an angle from the culvert pipe opening. The same height as the culvert at the opening, wing walls taper down at the other end, resembling a large scoop in a way. In some cases, a concrete slab apron is placed on the ground at the culvert mouth to prevent erosion as well.

Why precast concrete wing walls?

Concrete offers a much stronger and more durable building material for erosion control than corrugated metal or plastic. Concrete is designed to take a beating and remain in great shape.

Precast concrete is also much easier to install than cast in place concrete. Columbia Precast Products makes all pieces before they are needed, so no forms are required at the job site. We are able to monitor the concrete production every step of the way in our controlled facility.

This insures all wing walls are at maximum strength before they leave the facility. Because the wing walls are already made, they can be placed as soon as the site is ready and backfilled the same day. With pour in place concrete, the process can take up to a week to complete.

Environmentally Sound

Columbia Precast Products is proud to be the first precast plant in the buried infrastructure industry to earn SMaRT certification. Our platinum designation is also the highest level awarded in all buried pipeline products. We’ve achieved this status by using natural and raw materials to manufacture products that have the longest life cycle of any material used in drainage, water, utility, and storm drain systems.

Because we create our pieces at our facility, we are able to recycle waste concrete and water for future use. With pour in place concrete, very little – if any – waste product can be recovered. So not only are our products faster and easier to work with, it’s better for the environment, too.

Contact Columbia Precast Products today for all your concrete drainage system needs. We produce wing walls, culverts, basins, detention systems, and other water management products to your exact specifications. We look forward to hearing from you!