Storm Management Systems are of growing importance, especially here in Oregon and Washington. Given some of the recent record rainfalls, it’s important that you have the most capable system and best materials in order to best retain rainwater.

No matter if it’s a big project or a small job, ReTain It makes the ideal stormwater management system units. Designed and engineered to maximize the available space, these pieces are easy to install and meet all strength, load, and capacity standards.

As the exclusive Pacific Northwest partner, Columbia Precast Products manufactures ReTain It units to your exact specifications. All units have an 8-by-8 footprint and can be made anywhere from one to five feet tall. For increased retention, these units can be stacked for a maximum height of more than 10 feet.

Manufactured to increase efficiencies, ReTain It components are made to be installed quickly. A five-man crew, a crane or excavator, and the appropriate rigging materials can install nearly one hundred units in a single day. That’s an area of 6,400 square feet!

Just tell us the specifications and how many you need, and they’ll be ready for installation as soon as you are. Because this is such a popular product for stormwater management – and we have a lot of storms in the Pacific Northwest – we may have the sizes you need on hand for quick turnaround times.

Controlled Environment

All of our ReTain It stormwater management pieces are created inside our facility and out of the weather. As opposed to pouring in place solutions where waiting for the weather can push deadlines, our pieces are ready when you are. No forms, nothing to affect the mixture, and maximum strength every time.

Even our drying times can be decreased within our facility. Whether it’s just a few pieces or 30 pieces, our adjustable drying area can increase the strengthening speed and get the units to your job site that much faster. And rest assured that every piece you get will meet all strength and quality control parameters.


Although our facility was designed for maximum efficiency, we are most proud of built-in sustainability. We are able to recycle all wastewater and materials used during the mixing and pouring process. But that’s just one aspect of being environmentally sound.

We are an industry leader in that respect, becoming the first buried infrastructure facility to earn SMaRT Certification. Not only is our product sustainable (built to last 100 years), but we also partner with like-minded companies. Even if it’s choosing a local vendor to cut down on delivery times (and truck emissions), we’ve taken steps to protect the environment as much as possible.

We live here too, after all. And as the Pacific Northwest precaster for ReTain It products, you know you’ll be getting a quality product from a local business. Does your construction job require a storm management system? Give us a call. No matter the size of the project, Columbia Precast Products will produce the units you need when you need them.

Ready to install retain-it? Let our team know and we’ll get you what you need.