What We Do: Public Projects and Government Contractors

The precast concrete experts at Columbia Precast Products are perfectly positioned to deliver for our public projects partners and government contractors. The reason for this is twofold.

First, we understand that budgets for public projects are etched in stone with little to no wiggle room. And although budgets are tight, public projects are becoming increasingly complex. That’s a tough needle to thread.

Not to worry. As the premier precast concrete supplier for the Pacific Northwest, Columbia Precast Concrete works quickly and efficiently to deliver high-quality precast concrete products on time and on budget.

The second reason we’re perfectly positioned to deliver for you is because of our actual position — that is to say: our location in Woodland, Washington. Nestled between the Lewis and Columbia rivers in Southwest Washington, Columbia Precast Products is just off Interstate 5. Our location puts us in the perfect spot to serve the greater Pacific Northwest with our precast concrete products.

Our Work With Public and Government Partners

Public and government projects often require massive infrastructure, and Columbia Precast Products is poised to deliver.

Some examples: We’ve worked with parks and recreation entities whose budgets require precast concrete products for stormwater removal that are inexpensive, readily available, and ready to install when they arrive at the job site.

Furthermore, our vast and storied history in the Pacific Northwest allows us to provide precast concrete solutions that adhere to strict environmental and construction regulations.

Buy American

Columbia Precast Products is a Buy America company. We work hard to ensure that our SMaRT Certified products help improve both our communities and the local and national economy. This places us firmly in the center of any public projects and government-contracted construction projects that demand American products.

Pacific Northwest Precast Concrete Association

The Pacific Northwest Precast Concrete Association (PNPCA) is composed of companies, firms, and individuals from throughout the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia. Together, we work to improve the precast concrete marketplace.

We achieve this via continuous discussion of new ideas and the implementation of production efficiencies. Our goal: to improve cooperation and communication between private companies and governmental agencies.

As an active member of the PNPCA and a continuous presence on many of its committees, Columbia Precast Products keeps its collective eyes and ears open for opportunities to improve the working relationship between our partners, contractors, and government agencies.

Some of the work we do includes knowledge sharing via our committee participation. In this capacity, we’ve worked with many government entities, including but not limited to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

Our committee work and the discussions in which we participate are productive, fruitful, and enlightening. We discuss such wide-ranging issues as public transportation, product safety, and marketing. We also focus on assisting government agencies in increasing their knowledge of precast concrete products and the role they play in the proper functioning and maintenance of roads, parking lots, drainage systems, and much more.

When a public project requires bids to a government agency, contractors should work with Columbia Precast Products.

Wing walls at the opening of stormwater pipe

SMaRT Certified

Our production facility is beautiful, clean, and green — and that goes for our production methods, as well. In fact, we were the first precast concrete plant in the buried infrastructure industry to earn a coveted SMaRT Certification.

In addition, we are a “Platinum” provider, the highest level achieved in all buried pipeline products.

What does that mean for our public projects partners and government contractors? It means, among other things, that:

  • Our precast products are Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free
  • We produce concrete pipe and precast products from natural and raw materials
  • Our precast products have the longest life cycle of any product. This is true for sewer, water, utility, and storm drain systems and applications.
  • Our precast concrete products are chemically inert.

That means you can rely on us to provide quality, customizable, reproducible concrete forms that conform to the rigorous standards imposed on public projects and government contractors.

Our Precast Concrete Products

Now, a final word about those products: They are as extensive as our experience and as diversified as our workforce. Everything from box culverts and catch basins to grease interceptors, manholes, and light pole bases.

If you need a specific precast concrete product, let us know. We can engineer, design, and produce a customizable form just for you and your project.

It’s what we do.