Reinforced Concrete Pipes: Built to Perform and to Last

By April 22, 2021 No Comments
Pipe of cement to illustrate Reinforced concrete pipes

Reinforced concrete pipes are probably familiar to most urban, suburban, and rural residents. Still, though they may recognize them when they see them, they may not be sure what they’re designed to do. We’ve written this blog post in the hopes that we can shine some light on the useful functions of these powerful workhorses of our nation’s infrastructure.

Reinforced concrete pipes are installed throughout the region as part of broader stormwater and runoff infrastructure, and they’re often built by our sister company, Cascade Concrete Products. They are built strong, built to last, and designed and engineered to perform for years with minimal if any maintenance.

Reinforced concrete (or rebar) improves concrete’s already well-known ability to withstand tensile stressors. Placed at intervals within the concrete itself, rebar can also handle stretching much better than concrete alone.

Taken together, concrete plus rebar reinforcements make concrete pipes durable and indispensable. Just install and then leave it to do its good and efficient work.

Uses of Reinforced Concrete Pipes

Reinforced concrete pipes are installed for a variety of reasons. However, they are mostly designed to be used as storm drains, sewer system lines, and culverts.

The pipes are exceedingly appropriate for these functions since they last a good long time and are immune from the ravages of time, rust, fire, or biological degradation.

Reinforced precast concrete is engineered to perform. Products are manufactured in tightly controlled and monitored environments. At all stages of the process, concrete producers focus on adhering to strict quality standards and environmental considerations.

Advantages of Precast Concrete for Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Precast concrete is made to order, and is the fastest most reliable option for all your building and infrastructure needs. The forms can be customized and reused again and again. Thus, reinforced concrete pipes are designed to last and to be adaptable to specific needs.